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Is this team going to collapse this year?
Cowboys Draft
Has anyone heard from Hawk?
So ...now what?
Scattershooting My Thoughts on the Cowboys
Free Agency Thread--Put all cap posts here--Admin
Not that it is importnat now...but you gotta admit.....
Free Agency Coaches
New Pictures Seem To Show It Was A Catch
Dallas vs Green Bay
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Chat about anything, but it is football season
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Is this team going to collapse this year?
Ok..I am not as up with things as other I know. Been traveling too much with the army..

But from what I am seeing I am not that optimistic.

1. What's the Deal on the Thug Hardy? Has his suspension been reduced?
2. Now a linebacker is suspended for 4 games...GREAT
3. Bryant is unhappy as well.

Any good news?
Cowboys Draft

It's Sunday and the NFL Draft starts Thursday, with the first round,  and runs through Saturday.

Dallas Needs:

Corner Back, Running Back, Edge Pass Rusher, Inside Defensive Lineman and Safety.

Dallas has brought in a lot of running backs and cornerbacks and I think that is the way they are leaning. The problem is there are o ...
So ...now what?
Ok...we lose 2 linebackers..and now...we lose Murray inside our division.

And even though we all sort of expected Murray to be gone....who runs the ball.......Dorsett out of retirement?

We are losing...what will we gain? We need defense....and whatever semi talent we had is leaving..We are getting Shawn Lee back...but he is good for about 4 games before his usual injury..if that.

No defense, no running game...so here we go again..Romo throwing constantly...and the interceptions will be ...
Has anyone heard from Hawk?
I have repeatedly sent him emails and have heard nothing. There has been no activity at this site.

If anyone has any information send me a message or put the information in this post.

Thanks, BevoMav

You can email me at:

Scattershooting My Thoughts on the Cowboys

It's been a while and I am not sure if anyone will read this, but here goes.

Any update has to include Dez! The Cowboys Steven Jones indicated, and was backed up by Jerry Jones, the team may well use the franchise tag on Dez. Several outlets have reported the team feels Dez has stayed on the straight and narrow because he has basically been bab ...
Not that it is importnat now...but you gotta admit.....
Guys, I know this does not matter now,,, but after watching that Playoffs yesterday, and seeing how Seattle barely survived....You gotta think the Boys would have had a GREAT shot at beating Seattle again. I mean, the Boys played GB MUCH better in GB than Seattle did for 56 minutes yesterday...at their own home! It was more of GB self destructing than Seattle winning.

With all our Defensive issues, we probably WERE the best NFC team this year....Gotta say I am proud of them this year after se ...
New Pictures Seem To Show It Was A Catch
I follow Ben and Skin of 105.3 The Fan. They are the flagship stations in Dallas and carry the Cowboys games.

Ben had these pictures sent to him and they have been digitally enhanced.  They were dark and they were lightened but they were not photo shopped or altered.

It clearly shows the ball never hit the ground and this has been a point of contention by many people. The referees looked at the same shots of the play we did but there was never a shot of the ball actually hitting the g ...
Free Agency Coaches
Yes everybody believes Garrett will be staying. JJ said the plan was to talk with his coaches today about new contracts.

I myself don't think this was the way JJ should have done this. Garrett will be sought after by a number of teams. However he has built what we have from scratch, so I think he'll stay.
Free Agency Thread--Put all cap posts here--Admin
Here's the list of free agents.

Well Are You Ready?
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Free Agency Thread--Put all cap posts here--Admin

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