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World Cup

Pulling for USA tonight in The World Cup

Starting to look like the Cowboys, one of their best guys just pulled a hammy.

I blame me..I never watch soccer, but when I do two pulled ham strings..

Oh, the US won but looked like **** doing it.

Yeah they really didn't look that good, but like I'm an expert on soccer lmao

Really glad to see the USA didn't embarrass themselves, don't thinkthey will have much of a chance facing Germany though.


The USA was out shot 21-8 in their match and won.

Our next game is against Portugal, I think we can beat them. Germany is a co-favorite to win it all, but even if we lose to Germany 2 wins and we will still advance.

Well at this point it could be worse, the USA is still in the drivers seat to advance. But they need to be mistake free against Germany.

USA moves on, and at the moment doesn't matter how they did it. Their bracket was called the most difficult in the World Cup

They are not given much of a chance against Belgium, but what the hell they were not supposed to have advanced this far.

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