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Wonderlic Scores revealed

Some of these scores are terrible.

The Low Scorers
Carl Johnson, OT Florida - 6
Patrick Peterson, CB LSU - 9
Kendall Hunter, RB Oklahoma State - 9
AJ Green, WR Georgia - 10

The High Scorers
Greg McElroy, QB Alabama - 43
Anthony Castonzo, OT Boston College - 41
Danny Watkins, OG Baylor - 40
Scott Tolzien, QB Wisconsin - 38
Nathan Enderle, QB Idaho - 38
Nick Bellore, ILB Central Michigan - 36
Julius Thomas, TE Portland State - 35
Christian Ponder, QB Florida State - 35
Steve Schilling, OG Michigan - 35
Prince Amukamara, CB Nebraska - 35

Patrick Peterson's score is really bad. Single-digit Wonderlic scores indicate that the player is barely literate, which will not help a person's claim to understand a diverse and complex playbook.
El Kabong

This makes me wonder is PP a good pick? After seeing this he may very well fall to us in the 9th. Hell NO the Cowboys need to draft some smart players.

I think PP is a real bad pick, he's going to have a hard time adjusting to diiferent Defenses Ryan will be showing. Cowboys need to draft smart players as well as good players.

Sure makes the Prince look a whole lot better

Nightrider wrote:
Sure makes the Prince look a whole lot better

I admit its a day to day anymore who I like. But I saw an interview with the Prince. He seems to have his head on straight. One of the things he said, was NEB didn't roll a safety over to help him, they called it Prince's island since he was alway covering by himself. He also stated he can go man to man or zone, but prefers close bump and run coverage.

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