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Who is Dallas Cowboys' Will McClay

Officially he is the Cowboys’ assistant director of player personnel who has recently ascended to one of the top positions in the organization.

Some of you may remember his as the head coach of the Dallas Desperados. He also held positions with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and bounced around the Arena football league with several stops. Before he was elevated to his current role, he was the team’s director of football research, scouting opponents and keeping tabs on the other 31 rosters in the league in the event a player of interest became available.

Now some are hoping he is the secret weapon on draft day?

This from the Dallas Morning News:
In the war room, he will partner with Stephen and Jerry Jones as they make decisions that will affect the team for years to come. Those who know and have worked with McClay say he’ll be a fine consigliere, offering informed guidance that will steer the family-run business in the right direction.

One Cowboys Scout was quoted on McClay:
“I think that anybody, whether it be Mr. Jones, Stephen or anybody in another corporation, is going to respond to that, to the very best that’s available to them. Will is an incredibly detail-oriented person. His work ethic is really unbelievable. And he is very, very intelligent. He is probably too smart for his own good sometimes.”

McClay has been credited with finding key contributors whose careers appeared to have dead-ended before the Cowboys revived them. Among McClay’s best finds have been Laurent Robinson, Tony Fiammetta, Ernie Sims and George Selvie.

A disconnect between the coaches and scouts surfaced in the war room last year as the team deliberated about whether to take Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd with the 18th overall pick. Floyd was ranked fifth on the draft board. The new defensive staff, however, didn’t consider him a good fit for the scheme. The Cowboys passed on Floyd, executing a trade that netted two choices used to select center Travis Frederick and receiver Terrance Williams.

That draft was under Tom Ciskowski who held the position before McClay. Since that episode, McClay has worked to bridge the divide inside Valley Ranch. It’s one of the top initiatives for a person who is in a position to effect change.

One of the many responsibilities McClay has in the busy time of year is leading the effort to assemble the Cowboys draft board. The team has the 16th pick in this year draft, which is the first of the clubs 11 selections.

One of the many responsibilities McClay has is to lead the team that assemblies the Cowboys' draft board. The team has the 16th overall pick and a total of 11 selections this season, so he is going to ear his money.

We will find out how he's doing come Thursday night. I can't wait.

We'll know how good he is in a few more days.

I read this news a few weeks ago. I passed it by has off season filler.

We have 20 guys lined up to take credit for who we draft. Then all of a sudden we need another one added to the list.

I honestly saw nothing about his resume that was impressive.

I must admit, even them reporting on this seems like desperation on the media guys for news.

This is just another guy who spends endless hours watching scouting film, and reading scout reports. In the end we will not have a clue what kind of impact he had on who we drafted.

I really don't get the hype with this guy. I'm sure he is doing a fine job but nothing he has done has produced one ounce of results on the field. When a team signs 12-15 castoffs from other teams and has to play them due to injuries or a lack of talent, it's inevitable that a couple of them will be halfway decent and make a few plays. That's pretty much all that has happened. They have brought in three times as many castoffs that have not done anything as ones that have been decent. The law of averages says you will hit on a few guys if you sign enough of them. I just don't see what's so great about anything he has done or anyone he gets credit for signing. To me, the whole lot is nothing more than average. Better than what we had? Sure, but that isn't really saying much at all. I'm not try to dog the guy at all. I'm sure he is good at what he is doing and I'm glad he is with Dallas, I just don't see what he has done or any results that warrant the current hype.(Quote)

I agree. There is an awful lot of hype when basically what he as done is a just a solid credible job with pro personnel lately compared to what we have had for years. And even some of those moves you could attribute to others in the organization just as much.

When you are used to substandard, even standard becomes greater than it is, I guess.

Okay I'm confused by this guy, he's supposed to be a whiz at finding NFL castoffs. I guess if you sign 15 like the Cowboys have then odds are you hit on a few.

But what makes this guy a draft guru, when his claim to fame has nothing to do with College kids?  violent1

Nightrider wrote:
Okay I'm confused by this guy, he's supposed to be a whiz at finding NFL castoffs. I guess if you sign 15 like the Cowboys have then odds are you hit on a few.

But what makes this guy a draft guru, when his claim to fame has nothing to do with College kids?  violent1

What I know about him I posted. I am just saying he is the new guy to run the draft, and a lot of people have a lot of good things to say about him. End of my knowledge.

IRVING — Former NFL general manager Bill Polian says a draft can’t be accurately assessed for four years. The six-time NFL Executive of the Year and current ESPN analyst doesn’t believe in handing out draft grades an hour after the last pick is made.


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If the Dallas Cowboys can look back to this weekend’s draft four years from now and say it was a success, assistant director of player personnel Will McClay will receive a lot of credit.

McClay was elevated to his current position before the start of last season.

“I give him an A,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Saturday night. “I really do. In every phase of it, preparation, from organizing the initial days, from the Senior Bowl all the way to the combine, the organization of the board, coordination with the coaches – I’m going over all that because I’ll break it down – and I couldn’t give him anything but an A in every respect.

“We all know how smart he is, but he’s got a unique perspective. He’s been around this game long enough. It really came to bear in that room. He made a significant, really a significant contribution to this being a success.”

If you watched any of the live feed into the Cowboys draft room the last few days, McClay was seated near the head of the table, to the left of executive vice president Stephen Jones.

The area where McClay seems to receive the most praise is his ability to bring everyone together. When there are disagreements on player evaluations between the scouts and coaching staff, McClay helps to find a middle ground.

“That may be his best trait,” Jerry Jones said. “He’s got great people skills. Everybody’s comfortable with him, but yet he’s real articulate. You understand clearly what he’s asking and what he’d like to get done. You put all that together and he did a great job.”

Sorry I must be real dense, what exactly did this guy do? I get the sense he should be in the United nations and not the Cowboys war room. lurk

McClay put the draft board together and he is the coordinator between the coaches and the scouts. It there are any disagreements, he is there to walk both sides through their disagreements.

oh, and Jerry likes him.

I watched his interview after the draft. The man is very articulate, and he did remind me of Garrett.

Made me think back to 2009,when I thought we should be taking guys from the Big Universities. Players you know played against the best talent in the league.

But I admit I bought into what the Cowboys did and defended their draft. After all, I felt maybe there was going to be somebody who would be a superstar. Somebody like Rice or Payton (Walter), but now they are all gone.

Should be noted a few are still playing for other teams though.

This year the Cowboys targeted players from the Big Schools. Like McClay said we don't want players who pee their pants, when they step on the field".

The guy certainly talks the talk, now lets hope the players can get it done.

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