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Bevo brought this up in another post, but I thought it worthy of its own thread.

Ware is becoming the hot topic, I feel sorry for him because he is the new media Dallas flavor of the off season.

I don't have a clue how the club is going to handle this problem? You guys have any thoughts on this one?

I don't have the money facts in front of me right now.

But they could handle Ware the way they might handle Austin.

Austin will count over 7mil next season against the cap, Cut him you create over 8mil in dead money. The actual savings is something like 390.000, can you replace Austin for that....the answer hell no.

But cut Austin you can cut that dead money in half and slide it into 2015, saving somewhere near 5mil. Its called kicking the can down the road.

When you go on the internet and look up what these cap guys are saying, most of it is bullsht. These guys are working from the numbers when the contract was first signed.

But wait, a whole lot of these guys ie: Austin have renegotiated their contracts. Austin has twice, this has created more guaranteed money, the contract amount is the same, but the guaranteed money has changed.

Plus we have no way of knowing how much of these contracts are incentive contracts. Yes we can see the money amount and guaranteed money in Lees contract, but doesn't mean a lot because it is incentive laden.

Austin is up in the air, either way he'll still be smiling all the way to the bank for awhile. Ware also knows this, so where is the threat to take less money. Cut Ware you create the same situation as the Austin cut.

Cutting Ware would probably save the Cowboys the most money, because another team would pick up a big chunk of his contract in my opinion. But that would depend how healthy he gets in the off season.

Ratliff and Spencer really hurt this team. All the players saw you can makes millions and never do a damn thing to earn them.

IMO Ware should take a pay cut, but give him a chance to earn more through incentives. That would be fair to both parties

We should not forget Ware help the DL by constantly being double teamed. Even though this year some team went one on one with him and did pretty good.
El Kabong

This is going to be big, the media loves this kind of stuff going on at the Ranch. Its going to be very interesting this off season. Well with the Cowboys its always interesting.

The Austin facts:

We can gain 5.5mil in cap space for Austin if he is a June 1 cut. That would also push 5.1mil of dead money into the 2015 cap year. If we straight out cut him we gain about $400k on the 2014 cap. After we do our annual restructures, we will be fine, until 2015, when we have to do the same thing all over again.

Don't forget that 5.1 mil belongs to Austin, and is in the bank.

I would lean toward cutting him now, but how would you replace Spencer and Ware? That seems like an impossibility, unless we feel our backups are ready to take over.

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