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Vince Young

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Young admitted he made some mistakes, but also stated that off the field, he was a victim, and taken advantage of by other people.

I really want teams and organizations to know that I was young at a time and I put my trust in a lot of people, and I was getting taken advantage of, Young said. Basically, Im the victim of the situation. So Ive just got to clean up that mess, just to let teams know Im a little bit more mature than I used to be, Ive grown a whole lot, and I just want teams to understand that youre getting a little bit more mature quarterback that understands the professionalism of the game.
Young admitted to making mistakes during his tenure with the Titans, but truly feels his off the field issues are why hes unemployed, and not his body of work as a quarterback.

I dont really feel like it was my game, I just feel like it was some off-the-field issues, with some of the things that, as I was cleaning up a lot of the mess outside the field, I really feel like teams dont want their quarterback to be in that position, of being distracted, Young said. It was nothing about my game, its just those things have to be cleared up before I get that opportunity.
I think a team may give him a shot as a backup, but if he blows this chance, his career is over.

This guy is one of the many sad stories we here from time to time. Hopefully he'll get that one more chance.

The Eagles will probably give a him a look, he might also be a good backup for Cam or for Seattle.

it get another chance

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