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Ed Wood

Vince Young is God

Put me down as an official fan of the Tennesse Longhorn Titans..Long as Vince is am I..

Wasn't Vince already there, and got benched because of his 40% passing

Gruden and Jaws said last night, that Vince was not the future of the Titans

Actually I could care less about Tenn. they can have Jessica for QB wouldn't bother me.

Re: Vince Young is God

Ed Wood wrote:
Put me down as an official fan of the Tennessee Longhorn Titans..Long as Vince is am I..

Vince is good for them .... yet is TT a good fit for Young.

Lets trade Romo and Kitna for Young and see what happens.

Good Day Wood

You better go back and add a smiley face or an lmao, or people will think you are stark raving MAD

I think in last game god got less than 100 yrds passing.

Good Day

You got that right Hawk,on mbc63,I had read that post twice,just to see if I "mist" a smily or a "LOL".
Good post mbc63, you got me....
I'd like to see vince in a Cowboy uniform,as Romo's backup.. and Running the razorback!!!
I like Choice, but with a QB that can run and throw deep,Damn.

Excuse me EW, I didn't mean to leave you out , But yes ----- I did say (vince) As Romo's backup,sorry about that...But I do think he would make a nice God LOL.

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