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Up date on Redskins situation LMAO

Chris Wesseling of provides the latest on this messy situation between Robert Griffin III, Mike Shanahan and the Redskins organization:

Appearing on Thursday's edition of "NFL Total Access Kickoff," NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Griffin is in fact "extremely angry" to be shut down for health reasons.

As it turns out, owner Daniel Snyder was actually "receptive" to Shanahan's idea of preserving the franchise quarterback to ensure a full offseason.

The fissure between head coach and owner originated when Snyder surrendered a "king's ransom" for the opportunity to draft Griffin, according to NFL Media columnist Michael Silver. Contrary to previous speculation, it was Snyder -- not Shanahan -- who was the "impetus" behind the blockbuster trade, per Silver.

That dynamic between quarterback and owner has led to a lack of trust between Shanahan and Griffin.

Sources closes to the Redskins coaching staff tell Rapoport that the coaches believe they will be fired, but there's been no official determination from the organization. At this point, they want to be cut loose so they can be "put out of their misery."

Shanahan will not resign, however. "He's not going to be walking away from the Washington Redskinswith anything less than the $7 million he's due next year," Rapoport emphasized.

Couldn't happen to better team   hello1
El Kabong

They say the Cowboys are bad, lmao, but watch somebody will hire that loser Shanahan again.

Week 16's game served as a microcosm for the Washington Redskins' season. They couldn't hold a late lead and collapsed in the waning moments, and their record now sits at a putrid 3-12.

Coach Mike Shanahan is likely a goner, and not a moment too soon. While many will point to his horrendous 2013 as the primary reason why he should be fired, it's worth noting that he's 24-39 overall as Redskins coach. This is his third losing season out of four in D.C., and that's not good enough.

Backup quarterback Kirk Cousins has played well since being inserted into the starting lineup and will likely fetch at least a second-round draft pick this offseason. There's no doubt that Robert Griffin III is the Redskins' franchise signal-caller.

Making matters worse for the Redskins is the fact that their first-round pick, currently the No. 2 overall selection, belongs to the St. Louis Rams as part of the deal that netted Griffin.

Despite that, Redskins fans should feel decent about the future. There is talent throughout the roster, and Griffin should be much better in 2014 with a full offseason under his belt. Plus, the organization is in dire need of a new voice, direction and energy.

Come next Monday when Washington fires Shanahan, it will be on its way to getting just that.

Where the hell is MBC, he always wanted Shanaturd, lmao

Shanahan needs to retire, he worthless as a coach

Karma baby

almost makes you feel sorry for them......hell no lmao

Just shovel the dirt onto those dead Bioatchs

Turn out the lights on Shanturd, he's finished...and no MBC the Cowboys arn;\'t interested

BluenSilver4evr wrote:
Where the hell is MBC, he always wanted Shanaturd, lmao

no no no ... i did not shanturd at all ... he was done wen The John Elway Retired ... the debacle in dc is proof enough . when bill left . I was hopen for the other Bill ... like in Cowher ....

  does not matter who follows ole carrott top ... jj will still be the coach .

  By the way ... divorce an custody about over waiting on judges decision .... i do have my son tho ... so does anything else matter

       Good  Day

Nobody but me knows what you are taking about...go private message

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