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This is all pre-season, late November and December is SEASON

December 9th.... at Bears

If (IFFF) the Cowboys can win half of their games leading up to December, without beating the crap out of themselves with nearly meaningless games, and can focus on these 4 games, they have a chance.  If they do as you fans generally want them to, and kick the crap out of themselves trying to win small victories, there is absolutely no way.  They are just not good enough to be successful at the entire season, and must pick their battles.

It would be smart for the Cowboys to start looking at the season like a game within a game.  What they MUST do is sit questionable players.  This team needs to win in December to gain some backbone.  It would absolutely be a shame if they are 8-4 going into December, because we can expect a 10-6 team to limp in.  Instead, I would like to see them be 6-6 and win out!

This first 2/3 is only meaningful if the Cowboys escape healthy.  Those 4 games should be most of the focus right now.  Practice for this week's game, but focus on those! By the time December gets here (and it happens quick), they should know the names of each lineman's daughter!  You can see it in some teams, and I want to see it in mine!

Well my theory today is Cowboys could have it wrapped up by Dec. if they just take it one game at a time.

Now for the injury itself is pure bullshit and I usually see it from Cowboy haters.

YEAH YEAH all teams have injuries.

Fact Cowboys came in 3rd for amount of game time missed by starters last season, that's the entire NFL.

The other 2 teams...1 and 2 finished below 500...Cowboys 500 and 2 minutes away from going to a playoff.

Fact Cowboys did not quit on each other or their coaches.

I saw T-Newman, not impressed, he lucked out when a ball bounced into his hands. By the way the same team we played in our pre-season dress rehearsal, and we manhandled them.

Pacman Jones arrested for his 8th time last week....sorry using those 2 as examples is a bust.

I've known you a long time...I know how you feel, but you are behind on what's been going on with this team. Yes we have had big changes again, which lends itself to a learning process all over again.

But guys are getting better every week, and Garretts next man up is working right now. Selvie has looked good, and Ware is tearing it up as a DE. Most the pieces are in its the players must play. The players are holding each other accountable this year...That  in itself is something new.

Garrett is playing the players who look best in practice, and if you make a mistake he sits their *** on the bench.

But you can wait until DEC. but me I'm going to try and enjoy every game. You are impressed with the AFC...sorry I don't see anybody there that scares me.

I'm from the old school, every game is important.

There are no easy games in the NFL, you try and win them all. You don't set around saying okay lets lose these and then win these, It doesn't work that way, hell that won't even work in Madden. pottytrain5


I've never said it would be smart to pick and choose what games to play hard.  I'm the guy that thinks they don't play with enough spirit right now!  I'm saying that this team is not as good as you guys are seeing with your rosy glasses.  The best hope this team has is to be at or about the division lead, and win their final 4 games (December).  It is an extremely bad division, and one team HAS to win...even if that team isn't that good.  I'm actually concerned that any of the other 3 could go on a run, and win a bunch.

Out of the 4 teams, it would seem least likely that the Cowboys would be that team, but I really hope they get some balls and win out December.  The rest of the season means a lot more to most other teams, but this is a terrible division...terrible.

8-8 could win it.  10-6 will not do any better for us.  Smart play?  Win the division, go into playoffs healthy.  Ours is the easiest division to reach that goal...and the Giants have absolutely done it a couple times, because they saw how weak the rest of the pack was.

So far what the Cowboys have proved is they still know how to throw a game.

Right now they should be 4-0, why they can find ways to lose every week just is a mystery nobody has been able to solve.

Every game is important for the Packers and 49ers, and teams that are in their position, but I really don't think every game is important for us.  We should try to win them all, just sit players when it makes sense...the entire game, if it makes sense.  

When I hear (or read, in this case) someone say, "we should have the division wrapped up by...blah, blah, blah..." it shows me that that person doesn't understand the importance of December.  In this league, if you aren't peaking late December, you have no chance!  There are ways of planning out that peak...but you can only do it if your division allows it.

No team can afford to take any week off.  You must try to win every game...but not at all costs!  December games---AT ALMOST ALL COST.  The Steelers and the Giants (in recent history), have played 'good enough' football in Sept, Oct, and Nov, and turned it on to full power in December.  There is no way they could do it, if they were in a division with a couple of likely playoff teams.  Each of them had struggling divisions.  Well, we are in a struggling division, and I see this as our only real hope at an appearance.  We just aren't strong enough to win 9 or 10 games in a row...

...and we don't have to be!

2 things nobody said we would have the East wrapped up by December!
There are no trolls here just fans, I know you see yourself as a realist, and too me it doesn't matter if you are right or wrong...its f-ing football not life.

You keep talking about need to leave that out of your opinion. Romo is the highest winning QB in the games he's played in Dec, since becoming a starting QB.

You said it.  And, wow, are you delusional.  We have been spanked in December...that's where you either make or don't make the playoffs dude!

1adam12 wrote:
You said it.  And, wow, are you delusional.  We have been spanked in December...that's where you either make or don't make the playoffs dude!

Now I'm delusional, yes I was wrong I should have said Nov....doesn't matter you would not have known anyway without looking it up.

Stats, in that regard, they come and go with whatever's in vogue recently," said Romo, who has 23 touchdown passes and 21 interceptions in December/January.

Yet that mark hangs around Romo's neck in a way that his NFC East contemporaries' records do not. Eli Manning is 16-18 in regular-season games in December and January for the New York Giants. Michael Vick owns a 13-15 late-season regular-season record.

Well, being wrong about something like that is kinda over-reaching, since you are calling me out on my December woes with this particular bunch.

I didn't have to look up a thing, to remember how we have done late in the season...and neither should you!

I already know you are intelligent, and stats don't mean that much.  Intensity does.  The Cowboys have lacked intensity (and last year, added some key injuries) in December.  As I said last year, Romo looked more intense last year.  These September and October games really don't mean that much (in our division, this year), and really November isn't enough to break a leg over either.

I think the Eagles will be ahead of us (slightly) going into December, and it will be our chance to win the division.

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