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The Washington Red Skins

I was surfing the web and found this site while doing research on the old Cowboy an Redskin rivalry. Thought I would check it out and say hell-o just fro some S's n G's.

This seems to be a cool site,less the trolls and childish drivel.

Been a Skin fan for a long time now. Thought I would give you Cowboy fans some fun in a good way.

My work and research keep me busy most of the time. I do however take time out for some football.

Now to football talk.
I think The skins missed out on getting a decent Q.B. I think and liken Campbell to you all' Quincey Carter. This will be his do or die year. Yet I think if he does okay he will be back as long as Zorn is there.

I'll check in - in a day or two. Going up river tomorrow to get water quality samples for my research.

Welcomed Hawggman,

Enjoy the site and have fun. Hey if you like and should you get some of your fans of the Skins over here you can have your own Redskin Section. So do tell a friend or two.

I think you are close on your thoughts with Campbell,yet Zorn will be close behind him if the Skins do not get better than last year.

Come again Hawggman and as often as you like.

Good Day

Would just like to extend a welcome to you, all our posters here ar important to us

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