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The Tour

There are few things I'm as passionate about as the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong after starting in 10th place after the first day, is now one second off the lead. I have been an avid fan since the Lemond days, and we still have some very good Americans racing.

Go Lance, do it just one more time

Re: The Tour

Hawk wrote:
There are few things I'm as passionate about as the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong after starting in 10th place after the first day, is now one second off the lead. I have been an avid fan since the Lemond days, and we still have some very good Americans racing.

Go Lance, do it just one more time

I think it is cool that an American can excel at just about any and everything. Lance is good for cycling and the Toure de France. They have tried for many years to discredit a natural athlete and a TRUE Global HERO to so many.

Like you I have followed cycling since Greg Lemond. I found it interesting that he won the Toure one year had a hunting accident then came back when healthy and won it some more. To me he paved the way for the Americans today.

As well I think that Landis was buffaloed and needs to be reinstated as the champion. Them French Freaks are oh so

               Good Day


I think the biggest shame of all, is the Americans with all their talent don't race together.

Hincapie who helped Armstrong with all 7 tour wins will be riding with the Columbians and won't be helping Lance this year. Levi who has won the last 2 tours of Ca. is riding elsewhere. This is just to name a couple because there are others.

Greg Landis known to most of the word as Floyd Landis, is on his way to being reinstated with his tour win. The French labs have been caught cheating and lying again. But is it to late for him to pursue a once budding career?

Bobby Julich-Americans in the Race

Julich retired on Monday, he was supposed to be the next great one, but Armstrong came along and he never quite had the same fame. He won other races however and a bronze medal at the Olypics.

Danny Pate is a guy who could also win some jerseys.

David Zabiske is in the same boat with danny

Tylar farrar is up and coming, another guy who could do it all.

Veloe last of a great group of Americans.

I mentioned Levi earlier, he has won 3 Tours of Ca. not 2, and is helping Armstrong on the team they both ride for.


Not much of a fan, but like any good American, I'm for Lance

With a Day Off

Since they are not racing today, I found this article very interesting:
 Tour de France 2009: A Reckless Move?
A Reckless Move?
Alberto Contador's attack at the end of stage 7 may prove to hurt him in the long run.
By James Startt

Lance Armstrong rolled alone down the mountain after the seventh stage of the Tour de France, and his race-hardened face told a story all its own: In his mind, Astana teammate Alberto Contador had just lost the Tour de France.

The growing rivalry between Armstrong and Contador has been the saga of this year's Tour, one that pits the race's legendary champion against the greatest rider of the current generation. Going into the day's stage--which would conclude with a mountaintop finish in Andorra Arcalis--Armstrong held a 19-second lead over Contador, and with it, the symbolic leadership of the Astana team.

Strong headwinds greeted the pack as they ascended the final climb. The winds made it nearly impossible for any dramatic breakaways as the Astana controlled the pace at the front. The scenario was perfect for Armstrong-it allowed him to secure his hold on second place without expending too much energy. The situation proved too frustrating for Contador, however. With 2 kilometers to go before the finish line, he broke away from the rest of his team and shot up the mountain alone. He made up 21 seconds, which bumped Armstrong to third place and placed Contador in second.

At the finish, Armstrong appeared betrayed. "That wasn't really the plan," Armstrong said of Contador's attack, unable to put a positive spin on a story that had suddenly gone wrong. "But I didn't expect him to go by the plan. I wasn't surprised." According to Armstrong, the team planned to conserve energy and not place the
team in a position of force too early in the race.

Armstrong has a rare ability to transform anger into strength on his bike. He thrives when he can focus on an enemy. Just ask Rudy Pevenage, director to Armstrong's longtime German rival Jan Ullrich.

Armstrong struggled to save his yellow jersey in the 2003 Tour de France, as Ullrich inched steadily closer to it when the race entered the Pyrenees. But then Pevenage blundered. One morning prior to the start, he snidely predicted to a member of Armstrong's US Postal team that Ullrich would wear the yellow jersey at the end of the stage. Suddenly, Armstrong had found his enemy. Only hours later, Armstrong
unleashed one of his greatest attacks ever in the Tour when, after crashing
on the Luz-Ardiden climb, he then caught and passed Ullrich, and essentially
cemented his fifth consecutive Tour title.

"He just has that ability to channel a negative into a positive," American cyclist Christian Vande Velde told Bicycling before the start of stage eight in Andorra. Vande Velde rode with Armstrong when he won his first Tour in 1999 and currently sits in eighth place in this year's Tour.

According to source close to Armstrong who wished to remain anonymous, that is very much the case as this year's race heads into its second week. "He is pissed!" the source said. "He was pissed at the hotel that night in Andorra. He's putting on a good face for the public. It's apparent, but he's not showing it to the public. He's going to win."

Contador has more to worry about than just Armstrong. Many within the Astana team did not appreciate his surge, which they consider divisive.

Armstrong, who has repeated all along that the team is his main concern, is winning the support of potential troops within Astana. But, he must be careful. Much of his return to racing has been built around his work with his Livestrong foundation for cancer awareness. The benevolent cancer activist cannot afford to get pulled into a cutthroat power struggle with his own teammate that could pose a potential threat to the his positive image as a humanitarian.

Time and again, however, Armstrong has proven to be the master strategist
when it comes to winning the Tour-and that's more bad news for Contador.


Lance I do believe now is going to be a man on a mission..and with that he will be some what silent for the duration. I also believe he gained a lot of respect from his teammates by staying with the team..class act.

The mountains will be different  though,I believe it will be Lance who forges ahead of the rest.

Yellow Jersey perhaps.

                    Good Day

Tour Ends for Lance

Even though he will continue to ride, he has said now, that he's over a minute behind, he'll help his teammate Contador win the race.

All good things come to an end, theres nothing anybody can do about just happens.

New Team

Well it appears that Lance will not go quietly back into retirement. He is going to leada new American team next year. Radio Shack is entering the bike racing world.
They will have plenty of money to spend, and Lance will be able to hand pick his teammates. Hincappie and Levi will be joining him as fellow Americans.
This will probably be the first Super Bike team ever assembled, and the French will be crying again .

Lance will be better next year due in part for having a year  to heel up an to get a good team together..

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