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The Least Biggest Loser

The NFC East is seriously slipping.  One quarter of the season is done, and it looks like all these teams only play one quarter PER GAME!

The Cowboys could win by default... The Least Biggest Loser.

What a pathetic representation of the strongest division in NFL history.  Vick is very good, not great.  Manning is very good, and a bit closer to great.  RG3 is very, very good, and has a tough row to hoe with his support.  Romo is good (not extremely good), and has proven that he was over-paid.

But.  Good news.  One of these slugs gets to make the playoffs!  Whooo hoooo!

I just have never seen a Cowboys team who just gives games away. This team since Tony has been the starter has given away games everyway possible.

I'll tell you...the biggest mistake Dallas made this season is playing that Williams kid. I hated the fact the drafted him and Escovar when they needed help elsewhere.

But today, I'll Laugh with you, sometimes you just have to laugh at pathetic. The Cowboys are pathetic.

I also heard (not confirmed) That Ware is hurt?

I see Romo as a very athletic guy.  It takes a real athlete to make it as a quarterback in the NFL today.  In the past, the quarterback was probably the best passer that a franchise could locate.  Now, the guy is tall, quick, tough, AND can throw the ball.  The weakest quarterback in this league, is crazy athletic.

Romo really isn't special, when you take the 32-45 starters we see each year...he is maybe average.  He has had the luxury of possibly the best relief guy (Witten) during his entire time, so his stats are rightly bolstered.  And, he really is pretty good at extending plays.  Sadly, plays are extended a whole lot less in December and January.  In the history of this league, there has never been a team that you can coast by in the playoffs---it's for real.

Jerry paid Romo too much, too early.  He didn't make Tony prove anything at all.  It would have benefited us, if Jerry would have waited.  If, in fact, Romo would have been sought after (which he may have been shortly after Bledsoe), we would have a team now!  Imagine the bust if Romo would have been traded like Walker...except, it would only be the Vikings hurt.  Instead, we hurt ourselves.

He can still be a great quarterback, it is just really unlikely right now.  Eli Manning has two Super Bowls, and I really doubt he will be talked about as a 'greatest', but his brother (even if he is done tomorrow) is an absolute prototype!  Jerry treated Tony as that guy, and he quite simply never was that guy!  We squandered away some absolutely excellent players (especially defensively), and Romo is our franchise???

I'm sorry, I have lost a lot of spirit during these years.  A good fan supports his team, right?  Well, I wrote letters to the franchise prior to signing Romo to be our team-killer.  I never thought the world of Jerry, however, on that day, he became almost a rival, and he owns MY team!

Tony is a good guy, and a really funny man.  He is very athletic, and can really throw that thing.  It takes more than that.

If we had a scarey defense, it wouldn't take the best quarterback in the league, but when you pay for a guy like he IS the best and he can't perform like the best do; and; you've given up the chance at a stellar defense because you've paid too much for him, what next???  If we were paying less for Romo, we would have quite a defense, because we don't need to spend a bunch on offense.

If he was put up for auction right now, we would not increase our defense much, because his worth is just not there.  He would only start for about half of the teams, but what a crazy-good backup he would be.

The problem with saying all this, is I appear to be negative.  Yeah, I'm hurt, and disgusted, but truly I am not a negative person.  I don't think Tony is a bad guy, and it's possible (I guess) that Jerry isn't.  I want to be wrong about this thing, but I really know I'm not:

The Cowboys will probably make the playoffs, because I believe they can win more games than these other 3.  Expecting much more than that is silly, unless there is some real changes slated for really soon!  We don't stack up well against the Packers (although, we don't have to play them at home late this year), we are no where near as good as the 49ers (which I loathe), the Seahawks look way better than us, Saints are better, etc.  In the NFC, I don't see us playing up to a lot of teams.  In the AFC, we look like a college team.

When all things else are even (rarely happens), attitude wins out.  The Cowboys don't have a championship attitude.

The leader in the division, I believe, is the Eagles..They have lost 3 games but they are to KC, SD and Denver.

After the Cowboys lose to Denver, the Eagles and Cowobys  will be tied.

The Eagles have a far easier schedule than the Cowboys. It might come down to the last game but first Dallas has to actually beat a decent team..

I was slammed here, when I stated (last year), that we actually have the worst team in the division.  We are better at a few things, but far worse at a few more.

Any of the 4 could shake this stuper off.  The Eagles are very talented, for a team that is losing that often, the Redskins need to find a style, and stick with it, and the Giants have proven that they can look like absolute crap, and go on a run.  The Cowboys have a different problem.  Usually, we win a good share of the early games, then look terrible when teams start to get serious.  Because we are losing early, we are probably weaker than imagined.  My hope is that we are actually sand-bagging this first half, because the division is weak.

The craziest part about it?  If one of these teams gets hot, they will run away with the division title.  I have my doubts that any of these 4 could beat the Saints, Seahawks, Packers, 49ers in the playoffs... but things like that sometimes happen with teams that looked wholly pathetic just weeks ago.

Almost every year, there are surprise teams that get close, or go the entire way.  It would be a surprise for me, if the Cowboys are anywhere near that good.

Yes and I'm sure it would surprise you if you have a prize winning pig on your farm...lmao.

Just enjoy....its football season and all your doom and gloom may not come to pass.

Years ago, we had to fight the trolls at Yahoo! NFL Message Boards... and we were on the same side.  It was because there was a team still.

I remember where we started having problems too.  First, you thought I was lying about a few things---and I wasn't.  Second, you thought Danny White was our best quarterback ever, and he wasn't.  But thirdly, you liked Quincy Carter, and gave my hello when I told you he was below average.

There will be a day, when players that we agree about (Witten, Ware, etc) are gone, and they were wasted because Romo wasn't quite good enough.  There will probably be that day that you realize that I wasn't a pessimist, but just a realist.

I know I would like Romo, if we sat down and had a beer.  I know he is an excellent athlete.  I also know that he is about middle of the road in the NFL, and you can only consistently win with 'middle of the road' if you can make up for it somewhere else----> usually defense!  Heck, the Chicago Bears went to the Super Bowl without knowing who was going to start the game!  It wasn't a controversy, it was a lottery.  The GM was throwing darts at their faces...not just to choose, but because he hated them!

I want the Cowboys to have an excellent team.  Sure, I would probably like a different owner too, but we can't have everything.

You will wake up to reality... we used to agree on many things in the football world.

Adam, I am 100 % right there with you. For many of us, heck all of us here that go back to the 70's 80's and 90;s, the last 17 years has been friggin embarrassing to say the least. ONE playoff victory since 1996....ONE!

What else need be said?

Well out of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most....But even Bevo would back me up on the fact I never liked Quincy whats his name. Actually the fatman Tuna never did find a QB....he started Romo because he had no other choice.

Its too early in the season to give up. I still think this team has a chance to make a run at it.

Not only could Danny have been the Cowboys best....he might have been the best in the NFL....Danny more than held his own during the Montana days. I do believe Danny has the Cowboys single season record for most points scored. 1983 would be my guess.....

Watch the Kid Luck sometimes...he looks just like Danny White on the field.

I came back to this....Adam there is an edit button maybe you haven't noticed?

But yes we fought the trolls at yahoo and they won because Cowboy fans gave up and stopped coming there. I'm sure you don't have a clue....but before Yahoo closed the Cowboys forum, I was the last person to ever post there. I had my chance to tell the trolls what I thought, and I took it. I fought the internet battle to the end.....just like I'll be a Cowboys fan till the end.

Saying that you'll be a fan till the end, is, well, DUH! ...because it ends when you are no longer a fan!  Have you ever noticed that when you're looking for something, it's always in the last place you look?  It's because you stop looking, once you've found it!

I found it!

The Cowboys will probably always be my favorite team.  I say 'probably' only because I have no idea what will transpire tomorrow or next year, etc.  If the Cowboys were owned by Nancy Pelosi, and the team had the first woman quarterback, I may look elsewhere...  just sayin'!

Romo has some records too!  I am wholly unimpressed.

We are more of a finesse team than I care for, but we still have some strengths.  I still believe that our best shot at this post-season business is to manage the regular season correctly.   We can't pick and choose what games to play hard, but we can pick individual battles.  Sit guys when it makes sense to sit them.

It is important that we are the least biggest loser!

Going into December, I expect the Eagles to be one game ahead of us:

Eagles     7-5
Cowboys 6-6
Redskins 5-6
Giants     4-7

THAT is the position we WANT to be in!  We would then need to win out (probably room for a loss, but wins are SO important in December), and play a post season game at home against...maybe the 49ers, Falcons or Lions/Bears (I expect the Seahawks and Saints to keep doing well, and I expect the Packers will figure stuff out in time to take their division).

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