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The Game of Football

The headlines on Yahoo front page read something like "Did the refs botch yet another call'. They went on the talk about protecting the quarterback.

I thought it was professional football were men come to play the game they grew through childhood, a game they loved with a desire and passion.

Could the q/B's and w/R's play the game from its conception up until and or the mid 70's. I mean a rec. cannot be touched past 5 yards and even then the ref's fudge on that. Could the qb's of today played in the same time frame. Jordan,Butkus,Horning,Lambert,too name a few would run of some or most of todays q/B's

Future more I thought being paid a professional wage to do a professional  job while in part playing the game one is suppose to have a passion to play ment it was your job as lineman to protect your q/b .... not a little candy *** with a zebra shirt on to do for you. As well I thought it was your job a receiver to find away to get open. Ken Stabler and many more q/B's had no trouble finding the likes of their respective receivers in crunch time. How often does NFL Films show highlights of Stabler ( and others ) getting the ball down by 6 or less with less than 21/2 minuets and go and score. Then receivers got open for that to happen.

The point is football is a game to be played by men on natural grass in any condition .... outside of that I think God gave someone the wisdom to create the game of flag football. So that Linda's Lil Johnnie does get a bloody nose or black eye.

I'm done now ..... Good Day

Well, that is certainly a debate that will be going on for a long time in the future.  That is fine as long as you don't mind your star players having very short careers.   It is a totally different game than it was years ago.    And certain defensive players have shown that if they are not provided with guidelines, they'd just as well take out another player for the season.   I think for the most part, with certain exceptions in mind, in the old days players had respect for each other, and didn't try to cause major injury... maybe because they didn't get paid the salaries they do now... and they knew if they got knocked out of the game (thru revenge or whatever), there goes they're paycheck, and they can't survive.

At any rate, all teams live by the same rules.  No one is getting any unfair advantages with these rules.  And teams like the Jets have shown us that it is still possible to play defense by the newer rules.  They've got a stiff test this weekend!


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