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Okay its time to let us know...who's the next National Champ.

I can safely say it won't be ASU again this year. When Rudy got hurt last year they were 4th in the nation and lost 6 straight without him. So my guess Ericson will be trying once again to rebuild. As usual USC is loaded, will be interesting how their freshman QB works out. Personally I think it could be a bad experiment, we'll see.

I see a rematch with OU and Fla. .... this time OU wins.

If this does not bring Tamz back then hong kong PHOOOOOOEY on


As you know by now BYU put the smak-down on OU.

Its interesting, ASU won their game 50-7 over a nobody. But that nobody plays OU next week. (Boise State) I think thats the University.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what OU does against a team ASU just beat.


I watched most of the game and believe me OU did not look good at all.
Tho Sam B got knocked out off the game. The BYU D came to play. Maybe a rough year for an inexperienced OU line on Offense.

If SAM B is out to long OU will not contend for NOTHING AT ALL.

Good Day

I didn't watch much of the and on....then in last quarter i couldn't believe how bad they played....If Sam would have been in the game they would have won...Landry did OK, but the Offensive line should have done better. The receivers SHOULD have caught those passes...When Sam gets back  they'll do a heck of alot better....otherwise Landry will get booed ALOT if he loses another game.....

Good to see you back Troy's Girl

it will be a tough year if they do not block better for sure. I really expected Stoops to go for it knowing he did not have a good kicker. To me he showed little confidence in his q/b. To me it was the ball game before they snapped the ball for the attempt.

sam will be out 2 to 4 weeks. this one they need not hurry. I believe the Cowboys will eat up that O line as will Texas.

Hong Kong Phoooey on my prediction of the BCS Champ

A plug for Bevo now...HOOK EM


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