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Super Bowl

I'll put this here instead of where it belongs in the NFL section. I'll move it later

Yes I won some money on Seattle, do I care about them....well at least as much as Denver. I will say Seattle was very impressive, and I was surprised at the score.

I 've traveled around to other sites, and hey they want to compare us to Denver and Seattle.. Just pure BS, I watched Seattle lose to Arizona, I watched us put up 50 on Denver. I think people will be surpised what the Cowboys do next year.

Cowboys will have a tough schedule but that's really what they need. It sure wouldn't hurt to have some luck in the injury department either.

Most SB are not close. Teams tend to panic when they get behind and try and do something they can't do.

I was surprised by the noise. Seattle brought their crowd and the first turnover was a direct result of Peyton not being able to communicate with his team. It wouldn't have mattered but he not being able to control the game at the line of scrimmage took what small chance they had away.

Seattle is in a position for a run, except for those Niners in San Francisco.

I thought the game was one of the biggest letdowns I have seen in a long time. Even the commercials sucked.

It was, however, the most watched show in television history. 150 million Americans watched the game.

Just think how many would have watched if Dallas had been there?

OH ... are you ready for this?

Cowboys are odds on favorites to open at Seattle in 2014. Man this league hates us.

Thank you my friend for showing up nobody else has. I won't deny the NFL hates us, but they will want Seattle to open against the 49ers, not us.

My point about the opening game, is Jerry is probably out there lobbying for Dallas to be in the game?

Why wouldn't the NFL want a Denver/Seattle rematch?
That seems to make more sense?

We the loyal few will always return. My God, travel to other sites, and they seem like a bunch of retards.

Now if anybody can call that a SB, I'mLMO

Was there a SB played, oops I missed it, actually didn't care

We all bow down Hawk, you were one of the very few who picked Seattle. Now having said that, I could care less about either team.

Look at the hits on the articles people are still coming by, we just have nothing to say right now.

Hey I might not always be right but I'm never wrong cheers

Nary an "Omaha" all night. Spared, we were, from the pointing and pirouetting before every snap. Not a single aw-shucks high five from His GOATness. Peyton barely uttered a word, to anyone.

What a great surprise that was.

We were treated to double-dumbface, Eli up high and Peyton slumped over, neither with a clue or a hope of what to do. The anointed Mannings managed a single meaningless touchdown in eight full quarters on that field against that defense.

Peyton simply couldn't be Peyton. No need for moving around recievers, pointing to every defensive player, or baiting Seattle into showing its disguised coverage. That's because there was no disguised coverage.

Before every play, Seattle all but yelled out to Manning exactly the defense they were running, which was virtually the same each snap. Peyton would make a few line calls, and Seattle wouldn't budge an inch. The message was clear, "Just hike the ball, Peyton, because we're going to bust you and your friends up."

Manning had Fred-Flintstone feet all night. There was no time for a rub route, or a wheel up the sideline. He could throw it three yards or 30, nothing in between, and the downfield throws looked like debris floating in the wake of a hurricane. It was hopes and prayers on every play, against a band of misfits and late-round draft picks at that.

Yes, Demaryius Thomas broke a Super Bowl record for catches. Certainly didn't seem like it, as he got blasted after every catch, or got the ball poked loose. Wes Welker looked like the smerf he is out there, and I'm not sure why Eric Decker bothered to bring a uniform. Knowshon was no-show, and the offensive line couldn't handle anyone in the Seattle d-line rotation.

Conversely, the Seattle offense played much the same, physical and completely undaunted. The Bronco defense tackled like schoolgirls. The game showed the relative softness of the AFC these days.

Yesterday gave me hope. I hate the 42-39 league the NFL has become. I hate the read option, all the cheap rules to help the offense, the illegal hit fouls, the depreciation of running backs, and the fascination with guys like Chip Kelly.

No doubt, the league office is scrambling right now, trying to figure out how the Chosen Boys, Peyton and Brady, keep failing again and again. They're probably looking to "vacate" the championship on Carroll, a la his USC days. What rules can they pass? How do they help Peyton? All hands on deck! This is an emergency!

Peyton was embarassed. I think the league was a little, too, unfortunately.

Me, like many of you, absolutely loved it. Faith was restored. Seattle showed that you can play  physical football, and not draw a single penalty for an illegal hit. You can actually defend the supposed "best offense in the NFL with the greatest quarterback of all time", and you don't have to sell out on every play to do it.

Seattle helped save real football again at the SB. The top nine offenses of all time...still don't have a title among them. The good Lord willing, you can still play defense and  run the ball, and win.

It hit me as strangely ironic. The young guys played old school, while the older guys played new school.

And, thankfully, Old School won. Right on.

Nothing to do with your article Hawk, but lets thank the people who still hold party's on sht days like that occasion5

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