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So what?

Ok...we lose 2 linebackers..and now...we lose Murray inside our division.

And even though we all sort of expected Murray to be gone....who runs the ball.......Dorsett out of retirement?

We are losing...what will we gain? We need defense....and whatever semi talent we had is leaving..We are getting Shawn Lee back...but he is good for about 4 games before his usual injury..if that.

No defense, no running here we go again..Romo throwing constantly...and the interceptions will be up again because he will be doing it all again. Another 8-8 season....if we are lucky.

Cowboys letting Murray go to Eagles is playing with fire. I hope they know what they are doing?

Greg Hardy is at Valley Ranch today. Hope they get a deal done.

       hawksrealm Sports Talk Forum Index -> Dallas Cowboys
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