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Sean Lee Injured

Just a routine day at OTA's and Lee goes down with an apparent knee injury. He had to be helped from the field.

It's early but if it is indeed another severe injury, it is time to cut bait with Lee. Sad deal because for the rare moments he is healthy, he is pure greatness.


It looks like it is serious and it happened on the first practice, of the first day of OTA.

Lee yelled loudly when he went down, and cursed reporters as he left the field. Barry Church threw his helmet in and was obviously not happy.

Update II:

Here is a link to Garrett's press conference.

Update III:

Looks like our ***** number one draft pick took Lee's legs out. Info still coming in but it appears that is the case?

Update IV:

A tweet from Clarence Hill

Clarence Hill ‏@clarencehilljr  2h  
Sean Lee was helped off the field by two trainers after being blocked to the ground by zach martin. He let off string of profanities

Update V:

Then there is this sad tweet.

John Middlekauff @JohnMiddlekauff

Hearing the #Cowboys are fearing the worst. Source says it does not look good. LB Sean Lee will likely be out for the year

Update VI:

The media is not reporting that Lee slipped and tore his ACL. They are doing an MRI but the worst is feared.

Team says they will hold off on moves until they get the results of the MRI.

SOS just a different year

Cowboys LB Sean Lee suffered what looked like a pretty serious injury at OTAs Tuesday when rookie lineman Zack Martin, in an apparent fit of overzealousness, pancaked him while blocking a screen pass.

A visibly angry Lee had to be helped off the field by teammates. Cowboy Nation is, understandably, very concerned about the health of their veteran linebacker.

The serious situation with Lee did not go unnoticed by other players, many of whom took to Twitter to offer their well wishes. Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III was especially concerned about Lee and let it be known that he’ll be prevailing upon the almighty on Lee’s behalf.

Frankly this guy has never played enough for me to really miss him. I'm
glad somebody had the sense to draft his replacement. pottytrain5

You are out there running around in shorts, its a no contact drill and he gets hurt.

Time for this guy to join (the I'm a bust list) I'm sorry but even I'm tired of hoping he would be somebody.

Well I disagree, I really feel for this young guy, I'm still hoping he can comeback.

I guess I'm geting like JJ in my old age. Yes I'm still pulling for Miles to make another Pro-Bowl. Just the way I am drunken

Word I just heard is a lot of veterans are really pissed off at Martin. Just another reason to hate Notre Dame.

Okay final update:

Clarence Hill just tweeted he watched the tape and it is obvious that Lee's knee buckled and as he went down, Martin fell on top of him. So not the rookies fault.

Yeah, well, I said 2 years ago we should have let him go. He is one of the very best at his trade, but barley plays half a season if that. No good to us on the sideline.

Think of it this way, he only plays half the season anyway. So lets just hope he comes back in the 2nd half of the season and helps us out.
El Kabong

Desperado wrote:
Think of it this way, he only plays half the season anyway. So lets just hope he comes back in the 2nd half of the season and helps us out.

According to Ed Werder of, the MRI on linebacker Sean Lee’s injured left knee confirmed he has suffered a torn ACL and will miss the entire 2014 season.

Lee collapsed to the ground during the team’s practice on Tuesday while attempting to defend a screen pass to DeMarco Murray. Cowboys first-round pick Zack Martin was out in front of Murray and went to engage Lee. However, Lee slipped and his leg buckled right as Martin began to contact Lee.

The Cowboys feared an ACL injury all along. The MRI just confirmed the initial prognosis.

It’s the third time Lee has suffered an ACL injury and second time it’s happened to his left knee. Lee tore his right ACL in college at Penn State and partially tore his left ACL in 2009. He’s had injury after injury in four seasons with the Cowboys. When he’s been healthy he’s been among the best linebackers in the game. However, those instances have been too few and far between.

That's a shame, next man up, lets go

Desperado wrote:
That's a shame, next man up, lets go

Lot of ifs, nothing special comes to my mind.

Lee’s injury history played a significant role in the Cowboys decision to select Hitchens. The club ran through three different linebackers _ Justin Durant, Ernie Simms and DeVonte Holloman _ trying to fill in for Lee near the end of last season. The idea was to take a young player in Hitchens, put him behind Lee and let him develop.

Linebackers coach Matt Eberflus declined to comment Tuesday as he came off the field after Lee’s injury. But at rookie minicamp earlier this month, Eberflus raved about Hitchens’ ability to hit and what he saw on tape.

Hitchens spent his time at Iowa as an outside linebacker. Asked if the rookie could immediately fill a backup role for Lee, Eberflus responded, “time will tell. As you look at it, you always make sure guys are in the right position.’’

It’s difficult to project Hitchens as the starting middle linebacker at this point. The club will discuss what Lee’s injury means for where Durant and Holloman will play moving forward. The need to add a veteran free agent like Jonathan Vilma and Rocky McIntosh will be explored.

Whatever happens, there is an increased urgency for Hitchens to learn the position.

“They were already making me speed up the process,’’ Hitchens said. “It’s not going to slow down now. But definitely, I’ve got to study that much harder now in case my number does get called.

“I have no idea what the coaching staff is going to do for (Wednesday’s) practice. I’ve just got to be prepared if I do go in with the ones or stay with the twos.

“Either way, I’m going home and studying. It doesn’t change my path tonight.’’

Well he lasted 2 hrs, I wonder if that is some kind of record?

Claiborne on the other hand says he's ready to go, so maybe we also get some good with the bad.

Claiborne participated in the individual portion of the first day of OTAs at Valley Ranch on Tuesday, but he and seven other players – Dwayne Harris, George Selvie, Caesar Rayford, Ahmad Dixon, Henry Melton, Dashaun Phillips and Jocquel Skinner – were held out of the team drills.


But I'll say it now, just look at that list of players names, didn't take long for things to start sucking!!!!

Oh Pls can we just change the NFL to a flag football league?

Sean Lee injury could spark league, union investigation regarding OTA contact
Posted by Mike Florio on May 28, 2014, 7:37 PM EDT
LeeAPRegardless of whether the ACL in Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee’s knee snapped before or after he was blocked during a non-contact offseason NFL practice session by rookie first-rounder Zack Martin, the moment proved once again that non-contact offseason NFL practice sessions routinely entail contact.

While the block may have gone unnoticed if Lee hadn’t been injured, the outcome necessarily puts the incident on the radar screen of the NFL and the NFLPA union.

The league hasn’t said that the Cowboys specifically will be investigated. Instead, the NFL’s position is that every team can and will be investigated, at any time.

“Our office routinely checks off-season workout programs to ensure compliance with the rules by all clubs,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement initially provided to the Associated Press and forwarded to PFT.

The NFLPA has not yet addressed the situation.  Per a source familiar with the union’s standard procedures, they take action in response to complaints from players and/or inquiries from the media.  If the NFLPA has concerns, the issue will be raised with the league.  Obviously egregious infractions are simple; the situation is addressed and discipline if any is imposed.  A resolution becomes more challenging where a dispute emerges between the league and the union regarding whether and to what extent the rules were violated.

While contact of some sort remains inevitable in offseason workouts, a specific instance that appears to exceed the bright-line “no live contact” rules of the labor deal invites either an inquiry from the league or a complaint to the league from the NFLPA.

In this case, it won’t be a surprise if the union initiates an inquiry.  Merely doing so will put all teams on notice that, even if it’s impossible to keep guys who are trying to win jobs, keep jobs, rise up the depth chart, and/or hold their current rung on the ladder from treating football practice like, you know, football practice, a conscientious effort must be made to keep live contact out of offseason workouts.

Of course there will be an investigation, its the Cowboys.

I'm going to jump on the Hawk bandwagon here. Lee can't stay healthy, and people are praising him for his hard play. I agree with all of that, but what the hell makes him better than Austin?

Austin is gone, its time for Lee and Spencer to go also. Lets be real, its a business, get rid of guys who can't stay healthy. At least Austin only has hamstring problems, not career ending knee trouble.

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