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Scattershooting My Thoughts on the Cowboys

It's been a while and I am not sure if anyone will read this, but here goes.

Any update has to include Dez! The Cowboys Steven Jones indicated, and was backed up by Jerry Jones, the team may well use the franchise tag on Dez. Several outlets have reported the team feels Dez has stayed on the straight and narrow because he has basically been baby sat. He had to call a Cowboy hired handler if he left his house or went out to a club.

That may change because he hired a new management team from Roc Nation Sports. Word I hear is Dez won't be baby sat anymore by the team. The team standpoint seems to be we will franchise him one year and see how he does without the constant supervision.

It's a costly move because he will cost the team $13 plus million and none of the money is deferred. I am starting to lean the way of allowing someone else to take on his problem.

DeMarco Murray ... DM has done everything a player can do to profess his wanting to stay here. He has not talked $$$ like Dez and rather says he will take less to stay. How can you not sign the guy?

Ron Leary G was signed to a one year deal valued at $582 thousand. Good move.

Dallas declined the option on DT Henry Melton. In doing so they saved $8 million against the cap this year. The team hoped he would regain his form but he came in out of shape and stayed hurt. Time to move on here.

Cole Beasley says he wants to stay a Cowboy. Make this happen Cowboys.

I have been reading some mock drafts and it seems everyone is predicting a pass rusher, but here is a clue to who they draft. Watch the players they bring in. Every year they dreft one of the guys they bring to Dallas for an official visit. I think the team is allowed 30 such players and more if they are considered local. The local thing is how they got Cole Beasley.

Hope to see some activity here, and Hawk, answer your emails.

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