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Run Defense Vs Packers

So what's everyone's thoughts on how we fare against the stud they have in Lacy?  I'm hopeful that we can bottle him up, but with Carter and Lee out, I'm dubious.  Would we consider him running for around 100 yards a success given the circumstances?

I'll bet he gets that no problem, it will be Romo who has to keep us in it.

Won't be many guys here until the game starts then just a few. Like you most will be out somewhere else.

Then I'll just leave this, because I can, right?  ;) headbang   Go Cowboys!

I've been following along, but I said earlier Lacy will be a killer to try and stop, he'll get his hundred. But so will Murray
El Kabong

Murray will do better than Lacy today, I see that coming.

Murray will get it done, hell with lacy, sounds kinda girlish anyway faroah

Defense looked pretty good in the first half, and fell completely apart in the second half....go figure

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