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Rogers deal

Romo contract underscores importance of new deal for Rodgers

Posted by Mike Florio on March 31, 2013, 3:53 PM EDT

At a time when it appeared that the next quarterback contract extension would be given to Aaron Rodgers by the Packers, the Cowboys finally got their long-coveted deal in place with Tony Romo.

And with Romo, who has won precisely one career playoff game, now under contract at a seven-year average of $17 million, Rodgers’ two remaining seasons at less than $10 million per year become even more glaring.

A new deal for Rodgers is indeed coming.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it could come before the draft — or it could come before Week One.  Regardless, Rodgers will soon see years added to his current contract.

The magic number making the rounds is four year, $100 million.  And while that translates to an eye-popping $25 million annual average, adding that to the current money he’s due to make would put Rodgers in the same six-year, $120 million ballpark that marks the top of the market.

That’s why Rodgers’ deal could actually be worth even more than $25 million per year in new money.  Whatever his average will be, it’s widely believed that Rodgers will be setting a high-water mark that won’t soon be eclipsed.

Regardless of the final amount, it needs to happen.  In comparison to other franchise quarterbacks, Rodgers is grossly underpaid.  Though he has done nothing to express displeasure with his current contract, Rodgers would be wise to insist on the protection that comes from a new contract before showing up for offseason workouts on April 15.

I do hate putting up stuff by Florio, because he is so full of it? But even he has to be right once in a great while!

I think GB is on the verge of going down hill fast, I could be wrong. But they have no real defense, and handing this amount of money to Rogers, won't buy them one . I don't know if anybody noticed, but in his last playoff game, he didn't do very well when running for his life.

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