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El Kabong

Peyton Manning The Greatest?

I've been reading this garbage for a couple of weeks now. The newest and biggest media hype, now everybody is getting on the bandwagon.

Now they have changed it to the Grestest player of all time, not just the Greatest QB.

They say he is the best QB in modern times, because, his stats are the best, he has played in a capped NFL, and won more MVPs than other QBs.

Some of the media want to crown this guy best ever if he wins one more SB. I guess if I was a modern Colts fan, I might be brainwashed into believing this garbage. But as a Cowboys fan and a football fan in general, well I'm not buying into it.

When Bob Griese was asked "is Manning the best ever, he said, "you can't hang that name on him, he's no better than his dad would have been if he was playing now", he also said he's not better than Unitas was either, it simply is a different time, and a different set of circumstances".

I for one will miss Warner more than I'll ever miss Manning, but like I said, I'm a football fan not a Colts fan.

Peyton will go down as one of the best. Yet here are 5 of the greatest to play game  Staubach,Stabler,Faust,Marino,Elway,and to get the debate going again.

Mr. Danny White .... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. What he could have done if he had Rogers team 6 years earlier or the talent through out his career.

Then there is a host of others. At the moment I would rate Manning at # 16 about 6 behind Warren Moon and about 3 behind Jim Kelly.

Good Day

Yeah really, why even mention his name....unless you are a Colts fan.

Even Montana was a world ahead of Manning....there are at least 4-5 QBs playing now that are as good or better than he is.

I've always liked Danny (Roger who?) White, But I can't see him in the Roger era,That belongs to Roger,It's like putting him in the Troy era, I just can't, Now on Peyton I think he is a very good QB,and this I can imagine If Peyton was with NO,and Brees with the Ind.-- NO, would of still won, what do you guys think.

I think that would be a fair statement. Peyton can win anywhere but Detroit .... LOL.

Now for breez ... I know that N.o. went out and got him some people to surround him that could play. I think and believe that as soon as they understand how to use the Bush they will be better off. If not he will be an another wasted talent like H. Walker In Minnesota.

Good Day

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