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Patrick Crayton

Okay, Dallas fans... I have to ask you a fantasy question about this guy.  I hope thats not out of line.   In my league I have Miles Austin (the league does 1 pt/20yds return).   Now I look out there, and I see Crayton is available.  He is higher on the depth chart than Ausitn   I can't figure out why he'd be available?  Is there something going on with Crayton?

The thing that really confuses me is that Yahoo has Austin projected at 140 on the draft list, and Crayton is projected at 248.  Why would this be?

Anyway, any opinions from all you Cowboys fans would be appreciated.  I just find it really wierd that Crayton is available...




Most of the low ratings on both are due in part because of R.W. and T.O.

Bare in mind Romo has been throwing to them for years now and the chemistry is there. I do not go into as much depth as Hawk when watching the games,yet he can give you the skinny on both.

Crayton and or Austin will have more reps. than Williams. I still look for R.W. to be second or third in receiving yards.This will be the duo's break out year and i hope it happens. There will be no cap next year so if they do have a good year they will be paid.

You will not go wrong in taking both and remember one of them is a darn god returner.

Good Day Max

A whole different debate, I know, but I don't think its a given that there won't be a cap next year.  Lets just say that this would be bad for both sides.  They have such a good thing going right now... and a lot of it has to do with the cap, which makes it so all of the teams (except Detroit, of course) can be competitive...

We'll see, of course, but I think they find a way to get some sort of agreement made.



I agree,and would like to see an additional franchise player tag added. lets say one for the D and one for the O.

Then I would like to see a limit on trades and f/a signings. Then there would truely be parody and then we could see how truely the coaches can motivate and coach. As well then we would  see how bad the players want to be in the NFL.

Last time I checked there was no I in

Hope it goes well for your FFL,may you win it with as many Boys you

Good Day Max


Don't do the fantasy stuff:

But I'll tell you whats happening, your boys at the fantasy leagues are paying attention to the media. Austin was being projected as the #2 Wrer and Crayton #3 Hurd #4.

But it didn't play out that way in camp, Crayton maintained his #2 spot. Austin will get the ball 6-8 times a game. He's mainly there to spread the defense. Don't get me wrong he'll score some TDs, but not many. Crayton will get about the same amount of touches. But his will all be short stuff with a high percentage chance of catching the ball. Now the danger is, Hurd can screw all this up, simply by doing what he's been doing in preseason, catching the ball.

Bottom line Austin stays healthy...he's my, strong, and about to have a breakout year.


Hey Max

Not sure what you are looking for, but Crayton will have 600YDs and 6- TDs. Thats probably all you can expect. But I'm sure he'll get that done.

The danger of Crayton and Austin is, one guy runs back punts and the other runs bank Kick Offs. Which as you know can lead to injury.

Thanks for the advice guys!    I thought it was only Austin that was the return guy.  Didn't realize Crayton was too.  Sounds like 6 of one half dozen of the other.  Can't really afford to hold onto both of them, so I think I will stick with Austin, and hope for the best.  Yeah, that they runback kickoffs and punt returns is dangerous in that respect, but if they are decent WRs, and also good on the returns, that is a definite plus in our league.

Your boys were missing a lot of tackles on special teams today.  That run back for a TD... one second I'm watching this guy get tackled, next minute hes on his way in for a TD... really shouldn't have happened.   I know, its only the backups.

Next up... the regulear season.  Finally!!   It stinks that I have to wait til Monday night to see my team go!   Lol.


Either way will not be hurt I do believe this year by either.

Good Day

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