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Our new OC

Gee like he was great at play calling for the Raiders:

In his first season as the Cowboys’ playcaller, Callahan seemed well-prepared for the second-guessing that comes with a head-scratching loss to the Chiefs last weekend.

“We just felt like there were some real matchups that we liked in that game, and we wanted to go with that. That’s the way it played out, and when it doesn’t play out, that’s a part of the job. I shoulder that, and I don’t shun that responsibility whatsoever,” he said. “Going forward, we’re trying to put together a run gameplan we can all be proud of and we all like, and we can hopefully get to that balance that we’re looking for.”

Most of the expectation to fix the Dallas running game, which ranks 26th in the league with just 62 yards per game, is going to fall on Callahan. It’s a line that has been repeated around Valley Ranch to this point in the season, but Callahan said the offense can’t get too caught up in meeting quotas as opposed to doing what works.

“By and large it’s circumstantial – we just took advantage of some opportunities that existed and we went after coverage and honestly some coverages that we liked,” Callahan said. “It’s not that we didn’t want to run it, it’s just that during the course of a game, you’re going to go ahead and attack a defense in a certain way and a certain manner.”

Garrett fielded the question earlier on Thursday, and Romo faced it when he talked to reporters Wednesday: at what point do you decide between taking what the defense gives you and running purely for the sake of the running game.

“Sometimes you’ve got to be able to run when they’re playing the run, and you’ve got to be able to pass when they’re playing the pass,” Garrett said.

Callahan added on to that Thursday afternoon with the thought that the running game doesn’t always have to look like a running game – an idea that might explain the prevalence for short passes in the first two weeks of the season.

“There’s so many aspects of running the football – there’s play action, there’s run action, there’s movement passes. There are numerous things that can equate to a run as well,” he said. “It could be the screen game, it could be the check down system, whatever that may be – in the passing game, that it really becomes like a run. Sometimes I think that gets kind of lost in translation.”

He did stress that he didn’t mean that as an excuse, however. With 39 attempts through two games, Dallas ranks 27th in the league in rushes – a stat he conceded isn’t good enough even if the Cowboys are using other means of moving the ball.

“We’ve got to do a better job -- I’ve got to do a better job calling more runs,” he said. “So that’s something that we’re working hard on.”

He added: “No excuses, but we have to run it more and we’ve got to put it in DeMarco’s hands, because he’s capable of doing a lot of great things.”

As has widely been speculated, the return of Brian Waters to a large in-game role may help rejuvenate the rushing attack. Callahan said Waters has adapted quickly – an impressive accomplishment, given the required cohesion between offensive linemen -- because he is familiar with the Cowboys’ system.

That said, the Cowboys’ playcaller seemed to embrace the responsibility for the offense’s success or failure, as he avoided calling out the offensive line. Callahan said the playcalling needs to improve – something there’s still plenty of time for, he added.

“We like our line -- our line is physical. But we’ve got to do a better job calling it, and I’ve got to do a better job personally, and that’s my responsibility – one that I own up to and one that we all want to get better at,” he said. “But we’re working hard, our guys still believe and it’s still early on in this season to build our run game and get to where we want to go. But as we all know, talk is cheap and we’ve got to put it into action.”

Callahan can be the hero, if the O-line keeps improving, then he gets the credit. If we start putting wins together he gets the credit.

Its funny right now how some are saying its still Garretts offense so its still his fault. But if we start winning then they will shift the credit to Callahan.

For me its just a wait and see, like everything else about the Cowboys team right now.

I agree..until we fix the offensive line there will not be a happy ending to any season..

I also want to see more of Dunbar..Murry looks like he is running in quicksand..

Callahan not unhappy with Murray, expects him to get better and wants to give him more touches

DeMarco Murray is averaging 3.5 yards in the two games this season, with a long run of 13 yards in the opener. Last week, his longest run was 6 yards.

But offensive coordinator Bill Callahan is not displeased.

Asked if Murray has left yards on the field in the first two games, Callahan said, “No. I think he’s done a terrific job. He’ll continue to get better as we move forward. We just have to give him more touches. He’s a good back. He’s physical, and he has good eyes and good vision. He can make you miss.”

Callahan shrugged off a revisit of the 2011 game when Murray ran for 253 yards against the Rams.

“It was a different team,” he said.

Callahan was asked if there was something about the runs in that game that were successful for Murray.

“It’s all different,” he said. “We’ve talked to him about what he likes and what he wants to do, and that’s communicated.”

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