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Ole McChunky

Seems ole McChuncky is at it again. The standing ovation from what fans were there gave ole dog killer and the fact ole  dog killer was pretty good at the wildcat offense really got to him.

Like I have posted on some other boards..

1 Rush and T.O. both cannot be

2 McChuncky cannot stand anyone who is in the spot light ohter than himself.

The whinnier ***** just needs to face the facts.....he sucks and westbrooke has carried the team for a long tme and is done.

Vick is nothing to brag about either.

Hi I'm Michelle Vick and if the #1 rec. is covered im off an running. And most of the time i will fumble the football.

and some *** clowns think the iggles are the best in the NFC east...
lmao at that one.... i think they will be cellar dwellers myself.

Good Day Gents


The people that believe the Eagles are something to be feared, well I think they are buying into the media hype. The Eagles are in disarray, they have a number of bad injuries already to their starters. McNabb is really on the downside. Vick might be able to win a few games, if the defenses arn't ready for and unexpected injury to McNabb and he enters the game.

I just don't see the talent or depth to this team, I watched their preseason games and was not impressed by anything they did. But as always its the NFC east and anything can happen, and usually does.

Agreed my friend.

Westbrooke has carried the team for years and for retire early.

Dondi is a big ole ***** of a candy *** baby. As one poster called him.." a tree trunk with limbs "  now that is funny.

Good Day

Westbrook is/was pretty good, but I think you all are just a bunch of angry Cowboys fans.  Heck, when something bad happens to the Eagles, McNabb is always forced to take the blame... so everything good that has happened to the team is because of Westbrook?  Give me a break.  Just because Westbrook, for the most part, has been the only decent receiver that the Eagles have had, doesn't mean that McNabb doesn't have to be good to get it to him.  And we all know that what makes Westbrook special is that he is one of the best receiving RBs in the league.   If McNabb was as bad as all of you are saying, and Westbrook were as good as all that, then Westbrook wouldn't be a threat at receiver, and all good defenses would have to do is defend the run, and the Eagles would be fried... that doesn't seem to do the trick.

That being said, the Eagles do seem to have a lot of injuries to start out the year... could affect the picture in the NFC East.


Hey Max

You are a good football guy...I knew this when I invited you to the realm, but the Eagles suck....or is it the wind just blows so hard in Philly thats it sucks lol.

Westbroook like McMunster, its over...Maybe like Brady....the time as come

Like the Authurian Legend...Allthings changeth and have to progress to the new

This year will be a new year...unfortunately...for NE fans it will be a COWBOY year.

Really glad you took the time to stop by....Hawkster

It is the Dallas Board Max

I do not think McNabb is the reason for some of the problems in Philly. It as well boils down to like it is in Dallas ... Coaching. Reid has done very little if you ask me during McNabb's tenure there in Philly. They should have gotten him more help.

As for Westbrooke..he is toast in my opinion. Just like Moose was ans Alstodt after they had neck surgeries. Brian is and or was the heart of the team.

I wish the Eagles well until they play the Boys.....Lol

Good Day Max

Why does everyone here spell Westbrook with an e at the end?

Brady should be fine.  He looked fine out there last Friday.  The shoulder is another issue... and from what I can tell he seems to be okay with that as well.

I have mixed feelings about the Cowboys.  They have lost their biggest cancer... but will the other WRs be able to step up in his place?   They do have Roy Williams... he's a pretty good receiver.   Actually the reason I have trouble rooting for the Cowboys now is because of their coach.  Still haven't forgiven him for benching Flutie!

Can't believe the season is just about upon us.  Really, good luck to the Boys!    Wouldn't mind seeing the Pats and the Boys playing in the Superbowl... you wouldn't like the results (I hope), but hey, you can't win them all... as us Pats fans found out the hard way.  Lol.



I saw it once spelled that way on a board I was at.

Thought it was correct,and I have seen it spelled that away.

The Boys season will depend on three things.

1 they stay healthy... 2 Garrett does what he is paid to do... 3 JJ stays in the owners box if the game is

Good Day Max

mbc63 wrote:

1 they stay healthy...

You don't even have to mention that one.  Its a given with every team.  If the team can't stay healthy, its going to be a long year!


Well Max its about time you came out of the closet...I'm refering to you being an Eagles fan haha.
Leave those batterys at home

McMunster is done, stick a fork in him.
Westbrook has taken a beating, name one running back who came back fron knee surgery and was ever the same. The Eagles have nothing at WRer, and people want to put the Cowboys WRers down lmao
The Cowboys like any team can sustain some injuries, but losing 11 starters last year from injury took its toll. Not an excuse just a fact. When you are playing practice squad guys from your team and other teams at the end of the season, its not good.

Max ...

I have all the respect in the world for D McNabb. I started calling him McChunky after I saw the commercials with his mother and Campbell's soup...LOL.

Yet like Hawk I think he and Westbrook are about done. It is sad for I enjoyed the rivalry between the Boys  and the teams of the Black an Blue NFC East.

Seems to me as I close D McNabb will be like another great one and never got a chance for  the Glory of being a Super Bowl winner. talking about Barry Sanders

Good Day Max

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