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Not good news on Romo

I know he can come back just fine in 2014 but Jerry has to get the QB of the future sooner than later!

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) – Tony Romo lurched slowly around Valley Ranch on the Monday following the end of the Dallas Cowboys’ season, attending the year’s final team meeting as a gesture meant to provide fellow players an emotional lift after failing to secure a playoff berth.

But that will be the only sort of “lifting’’ Romo will be doing for a while, as sources say the three-to-four-month recovery period for back surgery is a result of the herniated disc procedure he underwent on Friday that may have revealed an additional complication: a rupture of jelly-like “disc material’’ into the spinal canal.

That “material’’ in the spinal canal can cause pressure on the nerves in the spine and a chemical irritation of the nerve roots. That can mean pain and a loss of motor skills – both clearly factors in the decision to give up on a “miracle’’ comeback for Romo, who played with this condition at the end of the Week 16 win at Washington but, even after receiving treatment and a steroid injection, could not function during the week before the Eagles finale – and therefore, the decision to undergo surgery

All things come to an end, maybe its Tony's time?

Seems like everyone who gets a new deal, ends up hurt. This sounds really serious to me, we would miss Tony. But if I were him, I'd call it over, while I could still walk.

I have noticed most of the guys are leaving this article alone. I feel the same way, how do you comment on something this serious. I feel bad about this situation for Tony, how ever it ends, I hope it ends well for Tony.

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