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NFL Broadcast

Barry Horn  

Word is trickling out that NFL Network and Comcast will agree to get the subscriber-starved network on a basic digital package.

What does that mean? It may translate into an immediate 25 percent uptick in homes for NFLN, which would go from about 30 million homes to 40 million. And if Comcast, the biggest cable operator in the business is in, Time Warner Cable, the big dog in these parts, would almost certainly follow. Once they are in, the rest of the cable dominoes will fall.

Looks like it could be a very Deion Sanders Thanksgiving around here.

And if you need to declare a winner when two giant businesses butt heads, then the right arm of cable gets raised. It will be interesting to see how the NFL spins this in an effort to save face,

Also, CBS and Fox may soon be announcing 2-year extensions in their AFC and NFC packages taking then through 2013.

For more news on this subject head here to Sports Business Journal. It's the bible of NFL Network-Comcast news.

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