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1. Lets just respect each other and others postings and opinions.
A. Please try and base opinions on facts
B. Links can be useful and helpfull
2. If you copy and paste an article here, please give full credit to the writer.
3. Try not to post a topic that somebody else is already covering.
4. If you feel the need to bash a player or staff of any team, do so, but move on. Its okay to establish who you don't like, but lets not have whole posts turn into a bash free for all.
5. It is possible to use multi-Ids on this site, but will be frowned upon. If the webmaster misses it, then the admin guy will get you. All attacks from trolls and multi-Id users will be deleted. This is not to say valid points will be deleted, but posts that are put up to cause trouble will not be tolerated.


Both “Dallas Cowboys” and the Dallas Cowboys’ logo are official trademarks of the Dallas Cowboys organization and the National Football League. This is an unofficial site which claims absolutely no rights to these trademarks. The opinions and views expressed on this site are definitely not the views of the Dallas Cowboys or the NFL, except when opinions and views are clearly stated as such. © 2007 The Dallas Cowboys team name, logos and uniforms are registered trademarks of the Dallas Cowboys. Other NFL teams’ names, logos and uniforms are also registered trademarks of the teams indicated. This site is strictly for informational and entertainment purposes, and is not affiliated in any way with the Dallas Cowboys or the NFL and its teams.

This applies to all pro and amateur teams on this forum being discussed.

       hawksrealm Sports Talk Forum Index -> SITE RULES
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