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New Season

Okay I'll kick things off here:

My Sun Devils think they have a chance this year (with SC banned from bowls) to play in the Rose Bowl. Wishful thinking, not going to happen....But Go Devils

Boise who I rooted for last year...well sorry its over, I think they are way over ranked this year. Cinderella once, but now its over.

Alabama I believe will be the team to beat again


What ever ole boy .... National Champs this year will be SOONER not later

Sooner who lmao---you know as long as its not Texass I'm okay with it

Hey we do have some things going on with the Cowboys, and I have left messages on your phone

Well I call this PATSY TIME, where all the top teams play unknown and unranked teams, at least the majority.

Even ASU won 54-9 over WHO? somebody called Portland State

Oklahoma on the other hand, well they didn't look over-powering in barely beating Utah State, they might drop out of the top ten this week.

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