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Moss gets the boot....lmao

Randy Moss is no longer a Minnesota Viking.

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network is reporting that the Vikings waived Moss on Monday, one day after he followed an unproductive game in a loss to the Patriots with a bitter press conference in which he questioned the Vikings' coaches and suggested that he'd rather be back in New England.

And just like that, the experiment of bringing Moss back to Minnesota has ended, and the Vikings have effectively signaled that they know they're not Super Bowl contenders and don't want to put up with a malcontent like Moss in their locker room. If the Vikings are going down, they're going down with the guys they want.

Minnesota is out the 2011 third-round draft pick it sent to New England in exchange for Moss in October.

The big question now is whether any NFL team will place a waiver claim on Moss. Although he's not the player he once was, he's still talented enough to make a difference to some team down the stretch. But will any head coach want the headaches he brings? The Vikings and Patriots have both determined this year that Moss is more trouble than he's worth.

I saw his press conference, I said to myself, That ***** needs to be fired .Good for the Vikings

I can't wait to here what Moss has to say about this!

Buffalo has first chance to grab him off the waiver wire. Do they dare, after the T.O. try, lol

If nobody grabs him off waivers, he's free to sign with whom ever he chooses, for just 400 thousand, if you take him on the waiver wire, you are stuck for about 3 1/2 Mil.

N.E. could actually get this guy back for the rest of the season for next to nothing, now that would really be funny.
El Kabong

Moss is now a Titan, Good Luck

Titans were 23rd on the list, nobody else wanted him.

I've heard theres already been some complaints from the Titans players. The owners should have all passed on this guy. Sitting out the rest of the season might have been a good attitude ajustment for this guy.

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