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Moss back to Viqueens

As FOXSports first reported yesterday, the Randy Moss to Minnesota deal has now come to fruition.

Twelve hours after reporting the deal was on the verge of happening, it has now been completed for a third-round pick, sources tell

In doing so, the Minnesota Vikings pulled off their biggest blockbuster since acquiring Brett Favre. learned last night that the Vikings and New England Patriots were in serious trade talks and very close to a deal to send the All-Pro wide receiver back to the team that drafted him.

In a 41-point outburst Monday night over the Dolphins, Moss caught zero passes, and he has made his displeasure known with his contract status in New England.

Moss, 33, was a first-round pick of the Vikings in 1998 and shined for several years before being shipped to Oakland in 2005. The four-time All-Pro and seven-time Pro Bowl selection was traded from the Raiders to the Patriots on Day 1 of the 2007 NFL draft in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 07 draft.

In his first three seasons in New England, Moss caught 250 passes for 3,765 yards and 47 touchdowns. In 2010, he has nine catches for 139 yards and three touchdowns.

The Vikings have been searching for a star-caliber receiver and were unable to pick up Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

I don't know what to make of this? I expect the Jets to kill the Vikes this week, Moss or no Moss. Moss to me is slowly woking his way into the T.O. catagory, of Big A-hole.
Favre is the problem with the Vikes, and getting Moss IMO won't fix Farve.
El Kabong

The Vikings like us are coming of of a bye week. But sorry, I'll be surprised if they have enough to challenge the Jets. Moss won't be able to make an impact.
Moss as far as I know was having a good year (lets ask Max). But during the 41 points scored against Miami, well I don't think he had any catches.
I'm not crazy about the Vikigs getting Moss, he has always been a thorn in the Cowboys side.

El Kabong wrote:
The Vikings like us are coming of of a bye week. But sorry, I'll be surprised if they have enough to challenge the Jets. Moss won't be able to make an impact.
Moss as far as I know was having a good year (lets ask Max). But during the 41 points scored against Miami, well I don't think he had any catches.
I'm not crazy about the Vikigs getting Moss, he has always been a thorn in the Cowboys side.

Psst El Kabong, I think Hawk covered all that in his original post

I don't really want to think about Moss this week. I don't care for the guy, but I'll save all that for next week.

A Patriots fan's take...

My take is that while it is going to hurt us in the short term, it is probably a good thing  for the long run.   They will find someone to replace him.  That player won't be as good as Moss, but they will be good enough to get the job done...   They probably won't be someone Brady will force it to... which is a good thing.   I'm hoping Brady goes back to his old philosophy... the best WR is the open one.  The more he spreads the ball around, the tougher it will be for defenses to defend against us.

But this will probably take time.  There will be a transition.  This offense is used to having Moss take up too defenders deep.   Now one of those defenders will be free to do something else.  It will be tough to overcome this.   I expect the offense to have some troubles as they are adjusting to this...

What the Pats need now is an OC.   They need someone to guide that offense to a Randy Moss-less success... someone with some imagination.  Bill Bellichick has his hands full with the defense right now, so he won't be able to do it.

My biggest worry is that the offense is going to be looking for its identity now, and will stumble along the way.   The problem is that we already have a defense that is doing that.  Makes it difficult to win when both the offense and defense is stumbling.    We'll have to see how they handle it.

Moss had 3 TDs this year, but only something like 120 yards.   So I wouldhn't say it has been one of his better seasons.   He is on pace for 12 TDs, which is pretty good, but only 500 yards, which is not very Mosslike.   But I think he will get more opportunities in Minnesota.


I was wondering, was Moss causing problems in the locker room? T.O. who I greatly backed, became a guy who started to divide the team. His I want the ball mentality, and to hell with everyone else, was a major problem with team chemistry.

It lead to behind door talks, secret information being leaked on and on, so he had to go. Right now we are still trying to recover from his leaving.

The question you have to ask? Is our Oline (NEs) good enough to give Brady the time to check down and find the open guys. Romo has had a problem this season doing just that, because our Oline is old and has been injured.


The Vikes look to be doing everything they can to buy a SB. I think its to late, they have certainly managed to put their head coach on the hot seat. If he doesn't produce something (after all the money spent) then its goodby. Farve won't last the season, let alone come back next year. Plus from what I remember, nobody wanted Moss in Minn, thats why they got rid of him in the first place. I guess if Minn starts to win some games then Moss will be forgiven.

NEs move to get rid of Moss, seems some ego's got stepped on there. Looks like NE has given up, and decided with all their draft picks that they'll just try and rebuild. Sorry Brady, you and Welker are on your own now. No running game, no deep threat, things are going to get tough in NE.

Rumor has it that he has been that type of problem in the locker room.  There are also rumors that he asked for a trade after his tyrade after the Cincy game.  I even heard a rumor that there was aloud argument between Belichick and him in Belichick's office.  I don't know which rumors are true, and which are not.   Some things that point me in that direction:

The game against the Jets...  Brady was absolutely trying to force the ball to Randy Moss... no question about it... very unBradylike.  It caused two key interceptions.  One has to wonder if this was because Moss was doing a lot of complaining, and Brady knew he would have an angry star receiver on his hands if he didn't get the ball to him.  He didn't do that so much in the Buffalo game...  I wonder if at that point the decision was already made to get rid of Moss.

2.  There is footage of Moss trying to give the Patriots a pep talk right before the Miami game.  The thing was that it was right during the national anthem... I don't know what was going thru his head, but it was disrespectful IMO.  Some of the players on the Patriots turned and walked away from him during the pep talk... so they could listen to the national anthem.  It seemed clear to me that there was some division there.

I agree about the O-line.   If Tate can pick up some of the slack that will be left because Moss is gone, that would help.  But he is for all intents and purposes a rookie (out due to injury last year during his actual rookie season), so it might be a bit much to expet out of him right now.

I"m sure there will be some struggles due to this, as the offense is going to need to find itself a new identity.    This may end up even being a transition year because of this move.

What really stinks is we have to wait 2 weeks to find out how this is going to affect the offense!


Nightrider wrote:

Sorry Brady, you and Welker are on your own now. No running game, no deep threat, things are going to get tough in NE.

That no running game got well over 100 yards last week against Miami.  And they did excellent against the Bills as well, but anyone does.  I think their running game has been underrated.     Even last year, while they didn't have as much rushing yards as other teams, their yards/ rush was very high.   It was more a conscience choice not to run, because they had all these passing options.   Now we should see a much more evenly distributed offense, which will, IMO, make it more difficult for defenses to defend against the Pats.  Now the fact that they no longer have to double team Moss will give those defense an advantage, true.  In the end, I certainly ain't denying that the Pats are going to feel the affects of losing Moss...  but I think you grossly over exaggerate it.   Also, they still have Tate, and Edelman, who have been pretty darn good.... that is not to mention the three new TEs who have been doing a great job as well.  I'm more worried about the loss of Faulk to tell you the truth.  That being said, so far Woodhead has been doing an excellent job replacing him ...

El Kabong

COLUMN By RICK GOSSELIN / The Dallas Morning News

Column by RICK GOSSELIN / The Dallas Morning News |

Rick Gosselin
Archive | Bio | E-mail
Randy Moss  always wanted to be a Cowboy and he seems to remind Jerry Jones of that every time he faces America's Team.

 The New England Patriots  gave Moss another crack at the Cowboys when they traded him to the Minnesota Vikings  on Wednesday. And Moss won't have to wait long the Cowboys visit Minnesota in 11 days.

 The Cowboys considered Moss with the eighth overall pick of the 1998 NFL draft but backed off based on his character issues and took defensive end Greg Ellis instead. Moss slid to the 21st pick where the Vikings selected him and he's tormented the Cowboys ever since.

Moss has played the Cowboys seven times in his career and won every time. He has four 100-yard games and 11 touchdowns against Dallas. Moss has had scoring receptions of 56, 56, 51, 47 and 36 yards against the Cowboys.

But Moss isn't the same receiver who lit the Cowboys up for 163 yards and three touchdowns on only three catches on Thanksgiving Day in 1998. He's 33 and not the 4.28 sprinter who entered the league.

But Moss is coming off an 83-catch, 13-TD season in 2009 and had three TDs in four games with the Patriots this season.

Brett Favre needs a Randy Moss at this point in his career. Now he's got him to the dismay of the Cowboys and everyone else in the NFC.

This was an interesting article, but its totally one sided. Moss has never faced a Cowboy secondary like we have now. Even little Alan Ball is a pass defender and not much of a run defender. Moss will draw some attention and cause problems. But I would guess the Vikings will still try and run when we face them. Moss to me has never been the type of guy worried about stats like T.O. was. He seems to just say "show me the money" he didn't give a damn about anything while he was in Oakland. I hope he takes on the same attitude now that he's back in Minn. Lets hope he keeps his pants on, and doesn't wipe his *** on the goal post.

I wouldn't expect him to be at that point so soon.  He will probably have a pretty decent season with Minnesota.   Favre will try to force it to him.  Favre has wanted Moss as a receiver sine before he left GB.  He will think of it as a gift.   The question is will Dallas be able to take advantage of that aspect.

The last time Moss played against Dallas was when NE went there back in '07.    He had 6 catches for 59 yards and a TD...   Good, but not great.  The Moss you remember that torched you was young.   I think the Cowboys will be able to keep his numbers under control.

Of course they will run.  They have Adrian Peterson.


Fear not and you heard it here first ... Randy the mouth Moss will not be a factor in the Boys defeat of the Vikqueens .

 Good Day

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