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Mini camp

Scoutís Eye: Carter Looking More Comfortable In Nickel
Posted 16 hours ago

Bryan BroaddusFootball Analyst/ScoutFollow BryanBroaddus on Twitter All Bryan Broaddus Articles

This was the first time that we were able to see  Jeremy Mincey  practice even though he had worked back in last Thursday. Mincey is projected as the starter at right end and I like what I saw with his movement and conditioning.

He had a couple of nice rushes to the outside of Tyron Smith , then later worked well with  Nick Hayden  on a twist stunt that got him home on the rush for some pressure. He didnít appear to labor or struggle with the snaps that he was getting on the warm day. As talked about post-draft,  DeMarcus Lawrence  was getting the snaps behind him.

Cornerback Terrance Mitchell  has missed nine practices since he was last here for the rookie camp after the draft. To Mitchellís credit, he hit the field running and was ready to go. His work against the receivers on their release drills was solid in the way he was able to position himself off the line.

Mitchell was able to carry the start of his day into the 7-on-7 period, where he lined up at right corner. No matter what player was across from him, he showed nice quickness along with the ability to adjust as the route was going up the field.

He played with a great deal of comfort both mentally and physically. He appeared to have a good feel for these routes that he was seeing.  Devin Street  tried to take him up the field on a fade, but Mitchell was able to jam him on the line which threw off the timing of the route.

Jerome Henderson put him to the test on Tuesday and Mitchell came out no worse for wear.
For those of you out there that worry daily about  Bruce Carter  and how he is playing in coverage, this coaching staff doesnít share your concern. When the first defense went into its nickel package, Carterís been on the field with  Justin Durant  and heís looked far more comfortable in that role and responsibility, where in the previous season he looked lost and really unsure where he needed to fit in the scheme.

Thus, we all observed the big plays that he gave up in coverage. He showed some really nice awareness in getting in the throwing lane during 7-on-7 to disrupt a pass. My thought is that if Carter was struggling, we would most likely see these coaches go with  DeVonte Holloman  in that spot and take him off the field, but that hasnít been the case at all. Carterís play in these practices has not given them reason to do so.

The best observations we can draw from these practices is how well the first-year players are picking up their assignments and preventing mental errors. A player that I havenít written much about this spring is tight end  Jordan Najvar  from Baylor.

Najvar had a snap during practice where DeVonte Holloman came screaming off the right side while  Caleb Hanie  was the quarterback and Ben Malena  was at running back. In Jason Witten  fashion, Najvar read the blitz on his release, ran five yards up the field, curled inside and started clapping for the ball.

It was a perfectly executed ďHotĒ read on his part, and what was even better was Malena had the awareness to slide over and pick up the blitz, which bought Hanie an extra moment to deliver the ball. The offensive coaches had to appreciate how well their young players were able to pull that off without making a mistake.


Stolen from Mike Fisher


Two decades ago, Jimmy Johnson used to arrange with Michael Irvin to start a fight on purpose, as a way to spark the team through the doldrums of a baking The Dallas Cowboys summer training camp in Austin.

Wednesday at Valley Ranch was sweltering enough. But it wasn't Austin. There were no pads. It wasn't training camp. Jimmy, Irvin and usual victim James Washington were nowhere in sight.
Nevertheless, the conditions were conducive enough for a fist-throwing brawl between Tyrone Crawford and Travis Frederick.

Fight! Fight!

On the business end of the play, Dez Bryant scored a touchdown. But in the mixmaster, Crawford felt "disrespected'' by Frederick's clutch-and-grab blocking tactics and threw a punch. The anger lingered for a bit, with Mackenzy Bernadeau coming to the defense of fellow O-lineman Frederick.

Said Crawford of Frederick: "I felt disrespected ... It was just the way he grabbed me by my head. I was really upset."

Crawford, of course, is coming off that season-ending Achilles injury from 13 months ago and doesn't wish to be put in precarious positions. Frederick, of course, is a nasty bear-like blocker.

ďThese guys have been going at each other a little bit,'' said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. "And you know, itís I guess our 11th practice of the offseason. Weíre in a two-minute type situation, and we always preach competitiveness and competing and you have to compete the right way. The best teams Iíve been on have always had skirmishes happen, a healthy respect for each other.Ē
Very true. In fact, the best team Jason Garrett ever played on has fights in practice

*DeMarcus Lawrence: We had the †story on Lawrence's Wednesday a.m. signing early this morning. After practice the rookie end was asked what would be his first big investment.

"A financial adviser,'' he said, wisely.

*Bruce Carter: It has been a terrific week for the outside linebacker aiming for a bounce-back season. Carter in coverage, Carter wrestling with Witten, Carter with an interception ... Coaches suggest to us that it's "mental'' more than "physical.'' Garrett even said Bruce might be "helped'' by Sean Lee's injury absence because he doesn't have Lee to lean on.

But whatever it is, this week, in the backyard, it is a tangible thing.

*Gavin Escobar: He looks bigger, yet smoother. He's lining up outside a lot but on Wednesday lined up inside as a first-team tight end and was terrific. He's not only making the catches, but making adjustments on the fly. He's getting it.

Bryant has a base salary of $1.78 million now but figures to get a new deal worth more than $10-mil annually. And while it's "going to take care of itself,'' Dez The Businessman plans on sitting in on talks.

ďIím going to be very involved,íí Bryant said. ďThatís me. Iím the one playing on the field. Iím the one being injured. When itís time for me to be up in a meeting, Iím going to be there.íí

In other words, he'll have all his ducks in a row. And probably all his Nike/Michael Jordan products neatly arranged, too.

*Leon Lett and Rod Marinelli: As a response to their defensive linemen's dissatisfaction with having to wear injury-preventing knee braces, the two defensive coaches took to wearing them themselves.
Though as you can see, Lett wore then more like a pair of Uggs boots.

*DeMarco Murray: He's in the final year of a deal that pays him about $500,000 a year. He's entering an era when running backs don't often make five times that as they used to. Yet DeMarco's stated approach Wednesday is the proper one.

ďIím going to continue to play like Iíve played and come here like I have been,Ē Murray said. ďI donít worry about that, and it doesnít matter to me, to be honest with you.Ē

Last year, Murray rushed his way to his first Pro Bowl selection. †

*The Cowboys are getting increasingly comfortable with the idea of Brandon Weeden as their No. 2 QB in place of the self-exiled Kyle Orton. But Weeden did have some sketchy moments in semi-full-speed action on Wednesday with a series of overthrows


wow its a long haul before we have something to talk about!

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