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Please. We can't rip the Cowboys for failing to win big games in December, then the moment they win one say it means nothing. Actually, we can do that, but this is the holiday season. Let's go with Peace on Earth, good will toward Cowboys on the victory that should get this team over the hump.

I hope everybody has a great Holiday and a safe and fun time.

Adam look out for that lump of coal lol.

My Best wishes to all---------Hawkster

To Hawk,and ALL

 It looks like if the weatherman is correct in Oklahoma ..... we should get to 1 to 15 inches. Having been here on and off since 71 I know that means maybe a flurry. Yet it is Christmas time and I hope for the Kids this time they are correct.

You all have a Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year. Do not forgot the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

Over the Holidays tell a friend or a family member of this low keyed high strung funny loving board and build it up.

Even if they are not a Cowboy fan there is room for ALL.

MOM's Says  Be Careful .. Be Safe .. Be You


Merry Christmas to all

I'm on my way out right now to finish some shopping....everybody have a good one

By the way Cowboys play Sun night, under Zorn the Skins have never won a night game, just thought I'd pass that along.

Merry Christmas to you sports fans, hope none of you get a lump of Coal....Santa has saved all his coal for the Eagles fans lol

No, im not talking about  Tiger Woods wishes... its Christmastime once again!
Merry Christmas everybody, even to those who dont pray to baby Jesus...
Happy Mosesmas, Happy Mohammedmas, Happy Buddahmas, Happy Rastamas, Happy Zeusmas, Happy Brahmamas, Happy Odinmas, Happy Darwinmas, Happy Izanamimas, Happy Mithrasmas, Happy Kobemas, Happy Hubbardmas, Happy Platomas, Happy Shakiramas! (i worship Shakira's ***)

Careful not to get too drunk and grope your hot cousin who came to visit for the holidays... im just saying, it happens. ;)
El Kabong

Merry Christmas, catch ya all on the flip side.

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