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Mark.M. VS Barry B

Why does not hardly anybody remember what Mark Mcgwire did.And why is He compared to the cheater barry the boy bonds ( i liken him to ben johnson ).

Mark openly admitted using then a drug called Andros ( not ) for his back so he could play baseball. When it was banned he quit using it and went to something else. It did not work so he retired out of the pain he was in. He stated that he had already addressed that issue in the past ( which was the present when he admitted to it ) so he should have been on record then and of asked the question again. To me it was an attempt to try and trip him up so charges could be filed. For as I see it as soon as he said yes I did but it was not a band substance they would have said " so you did take steroids " the answer would have been yes and it would have ended the an then another investigation.

As for barry bonds he flat out lied and cheated out of jealousy just like ben johnson. Had he of not cheated he would have played longer. johnson could never beat Lewis till he cheated. bonds could not do what McGuire did so he cheated.

Now we bring in cry baby ***** boy jose canceco. Who snitched out alot of people out of jealousy as well. Maybe him and some others did do roids. Yet it is not cheating if it was not a banned substance. Unlike barry bonds. I remeber seeing a SI Cover that read " I'm Barry Bonds you are not " who cares and I'm happy to know I will not be going to the Federal Jail Cell anytime soon. bonds knowingly cheated because he could not stand the spot light not being on him...kinda like mcmunster in filthie delphieah.

Wish ole Rush was here to back me up as well as

Your thoughts....

Good Day

Forget both those guys----Babe Ruth and Roger Maris....yeah they were powered by beer

Henry Arron he just went out and got it done. Theres no cheating on these guys. Funny everybody Jose fingered was found guilty, what makes you think he lied on McQuire?

Not that I care, if something is legal use it, if you want to take the chance, by the way I think I'll have another beer lol

Not saying he did not lie on Mark. Just that what Mark was taken when he in the last days of his career was not band ... that when it was banned he stopped using. Unlike Bonds who knowingly broke the rules and cheated.

Funny Marris and Ruth powered by

Was it good ole American beer or German beer .... lol

Do not forget Mantle .... Powered by what ever was in the bottle

I brought it because Bonds was in the news .... the feds want a ruling over turned so they can convict him on lying under oath.

Good Day

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