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Big question will he still be with Dallas at the end of the day?
El Kabong

Re: Marinelli

Hawk wrote:
Big question will he still be with Dallas at the end of the day?

ESPN is acting like he has already signed with TB. Total BS, he's still under contract for another year. Kiffin only had a one yr deal, adios old guy.

But people are acting like Marinelli, did something great with our defense. Oh really, THE WORST COWBOY DEFENSE EVER. Let this guy walk if he wants to, if he's not loyal to us, hit the road.

Its been reported that Marinelli is at Valley Ranch right now still sporting Cowboy gear

When I look at the league as a whole, and see all the bad teams and coaches who were fired. It does make me wonder, maybe we are just a couple players away from getting it done.

But then I see old guys on the team that are reclining, its a fact of life. Well guys it will be an interesting off season, we can count on that drunken

Funny how the media keeps saying Marinelli wants to go to TB, when in fact he has said nothing.

On Friday morning, Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones declined to speak about the status of defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.

There are reports linking Marinelli to new Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith.

However, according to a source, the Buccaneers haven't reached out to the Cowboys seeking permission to interview Marinelli about becoming the defensive coordinator.

Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin said after the loss to the Eagles that he's not retiring nor is his long-time friend, Marinelli. But Kiffin is under fire for a defense that finished last in total defense, 27th against the run and 30th against the pass.

The Tampa Bay Times and NFL Network reported: Dallas had no intention of letting Marinelli go to Tampa Bay. As of Friday afternoon, the Bucs had not formally requested an interview.

Does that mean Marinelli will be promoted to defensive coordinator with the Cowboys?

It seems 73-year-old coordinator Monte Kiffin figures to be the one to take the fall if the Cowboys are looking for a scapegoat. Marinelli served that role in an unofficial capacity this season. Kiffin held the title, but Marinelli helped implement and oversaw much of what went on.  The front office holds Marinelli in high regard. He is the logical successor to Kiffin. It’s likely why the Cowboys were reluctant to let him go to another team.

Marinelli is a proven coordinator, having presided over the attack-style defense that Chicago flashed three seasons prior to his arrival in Dallas. He also did a decent job with the ramshackle unit he supervised with the Cowboys.

This season, Dallas deployed 41 defensive players — more than any other team. Twenty were linemen who reported directly to Marinelli. Despite major personnel deficiencies, the Cowboys finished with a higher sack total than five other teams, including the Bears.

“He’s just an excellent football coach,” Garrett said in September. “Teaching is a big part of that, inspiring is a big part of that, seeing the real positive traits in people and getting them into situations where they can be successful. He’s done a fantastic job throughout his career.”

If the Cowboys choose to part ways with Kiffin, losing Marinelli would further destabilize a defense that has been led by four coordinators since the start of 2010.

The Cowboys like Marinelli, the defensive line coach who was brought in to help orchestrate the transition to the 4-3 system installed under Kiffin last off-season. Jerry Jones said on Friday on his radio show that the Cowboys will stick with the 4-3.

The move to a new scheme wasn’t intended to be a one-year project. These things don’t happen overnight, after all. Tony Dungy, the former Tampa Bay coach who once employed Marinelli and Smith, said as much last summer.

“It will take a couple of years to get the right pieces to this puzzle,” Dungy explained then. “To get the 4-3 front personnel and the defensive backs tailored to play this system is going to take a few drafts.”

Immediate success, Dungy insinuated, wasn’t in the cards. Sure enough, the Cowboys’ defense looked disastrous at times in 2013. Dallas conceded 6,645 yards — the third-highest total allowed in league history. The Cowboys also were ranked last in 10 defensive categories, according to STATS LLC.

“I think collectively when you step back, you say we have to play better,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said earlier this week. “And that’s everybody. That’s players, coaches, everybody involved.”

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