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Dan Snyder was allowed to sit in on an offseason practice for New England. Dan asked Bill Belichick, 'What's your secret? Why are you guys always so good?'
Bill called Tom Brady over.
'Yeah coach?' Tom said.
'Tom, who is your father's brother's nephew?' Bill asked.
'That's easy coach... the answer is me. I'm my father's brother's nephew.'
Bill turns to Dan Snyder and says, 'See? Smart quarterback.... That's the answer.'

The next day at Redskins camp, Dan Snyder calls his qb over.
'Yea Mr. Snyder?' RG3 responded.
'Robert' said Dan, 'Who is your father's brother's nephew?'
Griffin thought for a moment and said, 'Gee, sir, that's a tough one. I don't know, I'll have to get back to you on that.'
RG3 returned to practice while Snyder waited anxiously. When practice was over, Griffin approached Garcon and told him the difficult question Dan has asked him. Pierre responded, 'That's easy RG... it's 'me'. I'm my father's brother's nephew.'
Without hesitation Griffin ran to Dan Snyder. 'Mr. Snyder, Mr. Snyder... I have the answer!' he exclaimed. 'My father's brother's nephew is Pierre Garcon!'
Snyder stood, noticably disappointed in his quarterback's incorrect answer. Then he responded, 'No, *****, it's not Pierre Garcon.'

'It's Tom Brady.'



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