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Jerry Jones Boxing

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has offered $25 million for the privilege of hosting the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Last week, Staples Center in L.A. offered $20 million for the fight.

Mayweather promoter Richard Schaefer realizes that it's a good development.

"I just added toner to the fax machine and had it serviced right before I left Friday," Schaefer told the Times.  "So keep those offers coming."

(Do I hear $30 million?)

It's a shrewd move by Jones.  With a huge mortgage payment on the $1.1 billion venue and the possibility of a work stoppage on the horizon, Jones will be in much better shape to make his monthly nut if he schedules events like concerts and college football games and boxing matches and other attractions on the 355 days per year that the place isn't being used as the home of the Dallas Cowboys

Last I heard Manny is refusing to take a drug test before the fight. So as of now the fight is off, unless somebody has heard something I haven't

Golden Boy Promotions has refussed to talk.

Yet Manny's camp has said they are all about testing one before the fight and after the fight.

I think Flyod is a little skiddish to fight out of fear of having his first loss.


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