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Jackson the smerf

I just read where a bunch of whinny *** Cowboy fans are crying about how they wish we could get a clown like Jackson.

My god why would any Cowboy fan ever want that ***** on our team. When I read garbage like that I just wonder who are these ****** anyway?

He has always been a good return guy, but most the time he's just a little jerk. Cowboys would have no use for his ego and attitude.

I'm sure the Eagles will be glad to get rid of him, if they can? I believe I read the same thing you did. Where some goofus said the Patriots were willing to trade for him. I consider the source, that site is full of ****** and trolls.

Just read a long article about this, really nobody wants this turd, even his coach won't return his phone calls. But he's still under contract with only 2mil guaranteed. I think even the Eagles are tired of this turd, but hell he did have a great season last year.

I have always been a firm believer in just shut up and play. I won't list all the big mouths who were good, but Jackson is not a HofFamer. As far as I'm still concerned I'd trade whinny a$$ Dez tomorrow, he shames the Cowboys.

Hawk wrote:
I have always been a firm believer in just shut up and play. I won't list all the big mouths who were good, but Jackson is not a HofFamer. As far as I'm still concerned I'd trade whinny a$$ Dez tomorrow, he shames the Cowboys.

This guy is it, he may never beat double coverage but he's all we have right now. Dez is not the questiaential receiver and I don't think he ever will be that guy.

We cut Miles, the ideal player who could not stay healthy, very sad. But now we are stuck with the mouth, get used to it. JJ will give this ***** big money and we'll be seeing him in the news.

Well the Smerf signed his big contract with Wash. I've stayed away from bringing him up, after all the things that's been said about him.

But today he said RGIII needs to give him that number, come on something is really wrong with this guy.

Ah the rumor is true, some people are still here haha

Jackson did nothing against us last year, I'm glad the Skins got that *****.

I also think the guy has some kind of real issues, but I myself want to talk football and not things unrelated.
El Kabong

Just glad the Skins are throwing away money

My take is why would the Eagles just release a guy with 1300 yards, a great punt return guy, and a deep threat? Chip Kelly has shown me nothing to indicate he is a fool, so there must be something here, and don't tell me salary cap.

Our friend Paroadie tells me he was a cancer in the locker room. I'm thinking Terrell Owens?

The first thing Jackson did when he signed with the Skins is indicate he wanted to keep the number 10. Uh, that belongs to prima dona RG3, so that's not going to happen.

He might do fine in Skinz land. DC is home to thugs and he should fit right in, but next season he will probably hold out for more money.

Jackson is a clown. He's a 1-trick pony who is just faster than everyone else.
When he has another season or two under his belt and isn't the fastest guy on the field anymore, his career is over.
The fact that the Eagles were always a huge running threat helped his game tremendously. On an average or bad running team, he would have been garbage. Unfortunately, the Redskins are an incredible running team as well, so he will be a bit of a threat there.

Regardless, I wouldn't want Jackson on the Cowboys for anything. He is a total loudmouth joke.

As for people here saying that Bryant isn't a quintessential receiver, please stop. Bryant is one of the best receivers in the NFL, a true multi-tool #1 who might have the all around best hands and catching ability in the entire league.
As for his "loud mouth," this perception is just as much a product of media bias as it is actual truth. Bryant had his off-the-field issues (as have most prolific receivers in history, since they are hugely driven by competitive nature, probably more than almost any position in all of sports), but he has never had an on-the-field issue that wasn't blown out of proportion by reporters.

Dez Bryant has grown up a lot, and he is one of the only players who brings any fire or intensity to our team. We are blessed to have him.

Here is a link to an article about Jackson's crap in Philly...

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