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Is this team going to collapse this year?

Ok..I am not as up with things as other I know. Been traveling too much with the army..

But from what I am seeing I am not that optimistic.

1. What's the Deal on the Thug Hardy? Has his suspension been reduced?
2. Now a linebacker is suspended for 4 games...GREAT
3. Bryant is unhappy as well.

Any good news?

Hi Zigo,

Word has come out that Hardy is going to take anything other than a 2 game suspension to court. Goddell is showing how little he cares by letting this linger.

Cowboys should never have signed MacClaine. He is a bad apple and when he is not doing something he is hurt.

I still think the team and Dez will work things out before the deadline of July 15th but that is only a week away.

Good news is training camp is only three weeks away.

       hawksrealm Sports Talk Forum Index -> Dallas Cowboys
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