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Is it cheating?

Some cry foul over Eagles 81-man roster
Posted by Mike Florio on August 11, 2009 9:14 AM ET
The news that the Eagles signed 31-year-old quarterback Matt Nagy on Monday after backup Kevin Kolb suffered a knee injury has caused grumbling in some league circles.

The fact that Nagy has been working with the team as a coaching intern means that he's far more prepared to make a contribution than any other potential quarterback candidate would be.

"Talk about roster stashing," one league source said.  "They have a guy who has been attending meetings and who knows what else?"

Here's an example of "what else."  Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News points out that Nagy had been throwing passes to running back Brian Westbrook as Westbrook worked out on his own while recovering from ankle surgery.  

"I bet you he was throwing balls in drills," the source opined.  "They'd better hope the league doesn't ask for tapes."

Meanwhile, Nagy is on a no-lose situation.  Once Kolb is healthy and Nagy is released, he'll go back to being a "coaching intern."  And he'll continue to be available in the event another quarterback gets hurt.

And he'll continue to attend meetings and periodically throw passes and otherwise be available to step in and help out if/when he's ever needed.

Meanwhile, Vikings coach Brad Childress might suddenly be considering the possibility of adding a certain 39-year-old former quarterback as a "coaching intern."

I bet Belicheat is pissed he didn't think of this one lmao

They all cheat except for the Boys LOL.....

On the real ...

It does not surprise me at all. I think the only reason Dondie McChuncky is not gone is because of the back lash it would have in the media and on the team.

So why not have a good back up on the coaching staff. I think baseball allows player coach.. If memory serves me correctly Pistol Pete was one ans so was Frank Robinson. So why not football.

A good one that never did it would have been the ageless wonder George Blanda....What an athlete.

Okay Lone Star .....spread the word and bring some friends along next time. They do not have to be Cowboy Fans as you can see. Yet it would be NICER IF THEY WERE LOL.

Good Day

Testing to momsbearcat63

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