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Henry Melton

by Larry Hartstein |

Cowboys defensive tackle Henry Melton won't be "full go" at the start of training camp but is convinced he'll be ready for the season opener, reports ESPN. Melton continues to rehab from a torn ACL

I don't know why this should surprise anyone?

I'll never understand how a player who's rehabbing can be game ready?

Staff Writer

Published: 10 July 2014 08:56 PM

Updated: 11 July 2014 08:49 PM

The Cowboys’ under defensive tackle is their 3-technique spot, and it’s considered one of the three most important positions on the defense.

In their 4-3 Tampa 2 scheme, the 3-technique defensive tackle is responsible for attacking the offensive guard’s outside shoulder and pushing up field to be as disruptive as possible.

The Cowboys want their 3-technique tackle to always rush the quarterback.

Depth chart: Henry Melton, Terrell McClain, Amobi Okoye, Ben Bass, Tyrone Crawford, Davon Coleman, Dartwan Bush.

2013 review: Last offseason, the Cowboys’ plan was to start Jay Ratliff at their key 3-technique spot. Ratliff never played in a game for the Cowboyslast season.

Instead, the Cowboys used vetearn defensive tackle Jason Hatcher at the 3-technique spot and he had a career year. Hatcher earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl with a career-high 11 sacks.

Hatcher finished second on the Cowboys with 33 quarterback pressures (just two behind DeMarcus Ware) and added seven tackles for loss.

2014 outlook: Hatcher signed in the offseason with Washington, leaving the Cowboys looking for another pass-rushing defensive tackle would could play their key 3-technique spot.

The Cowboys signed free agent defensive tackle Henry Melton from Chicago to fill Hatcher’s void. Melton played the same spot for the Bears under Rod Marinelli, the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator. The Cowboys hope Melton can return to his 2012 Pro Bowl form, but he won’t be able to practice until training camp while still recovering from surgery to repair a torn left anterior cruciate ligament that limited him to only three games last year.

With Melton not practicing this offseason, the Cowboys used free agent signee Terrell McClain at their 3-technique spot. McClain can play both defensive tackle spots and he’ll give the Cowboys some depth inside.

I think the Cowboys made an effort to get the best guy available. Its a gamble but even the Cowboys have to win once in awhile.
El Kabong

LoneStar wrote:
I think the Cowboys made an effort to get the best guy available. Its a gamble but even the Cowboys have to win once in awhile.

Yeah sooner or later Lady Luck has to smile on us.

I long for the old days when a player got hurt, he came back and played. Nowadays they seem to take forever to get well.

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