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Hall of Fame

Well I thought we should at least mention these great players. I have mixed emotions about the labels they have put on Rice and Emmitt. Was Rice the greatest? Certainly his stats say so. But was he really a product of a Great O-Line and 2 Hall of Fame QBs?

Emmitt has a handful of records but who really considers him the Greatest? Whatever your opinions might be, they do deserve to be in the Hall, thats automatic.

I might mention, Haley was passed over, some might be upset with this. But remember the Hall really doesn't like Cowboys, they never have. Haley probably would have been voted in, if he had opted to go in as a 49er.

Course they were those were great teams with great players. But Rice still stood out over the great players of those teams. Thats what makes him great, standing out . Like Emmitt, there were other backs and other Wrs on the team, but NO running back stood out like Emmitt, even on the great Cowboys team like we had .The things they done to get the job done, wanting the ball over other great players and getting it done. Thats why !!!

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