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Golf---Sun Devil Style

It wasn't a major, but this might have ranked as one of Phil Mickelson's sweetest victories. After a 2009 that Mickelson certainly won't forget, much as he might want to, he closed it the right way, with an absolutely dominating Sunday performance that won him the 2009 Tour Championship.

Phil's always had a flair for the short game, and Sunday, he demonstrated new mastery with the flat stick. Working with Dave Stockton, he's tapped into a whole new level of talent with his putting. His five-birdie round was as close to flawless as anybody's gotten this year, and if what he's learned from Stockton is any indication, there are more good days ahead. (And what ***** predicted that he'd killed his tournament on the first day, anyway?)

Of course, the troubles of his wife and mother are never far from Phil, and their health was the topic of much of the postround press conference. This included one curious line of questioning that apparently tried to put Phil in the position of saying his wife's illness was really putting a crimp in his golfing breakthrough; he neatly dodged the question's implication while staying very positive.

"We've been through a lot, and I'm very proud of my wife and my mom on the fight that they've been through, and we've been fortunate in the long-term," We're in good shape. Although day-to-day is tough, and the meds are tough, and it's not easy for them, we're fortunate that our long-term outlook looks good."

Phil dismissed any talk that his wife and mother's conditions had any effect on his play, either this week or throughout the year: "I don't think [the illnesses] had anything to do with my play. I mean, my play has been like this for two years. I'll have some good weeks where I'll putt well, and I've won a couple tournaments each year. But it hasn't been as consistently solid on the greens as I expect or as it has been in the past. So that's why I'm excited now is that I feel like I have the right direction to get that back." That might be glossing it over a bit, but Phil obviously isn't using anything outside himself as an excuse.

Maybe this is the start of a roll -- remember, Phil has won three tournaments this year, second only to The Man In Red (Tiger) -- and maybe it's just a good run at the right time. Regardless, good on ya, Lefty.

Sometimes the Sun will shine on a dawgs a$$....hope Phil enjoys it.

For he has blown his share or events for years. Must be that Moxy thing.

Good Day

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