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GD....Cowboys Vs. Giants

The Dallas Cowboys vs the New York Giants, a rivalry dating back to 1960. That first meeting ended in a 31-31 tie. Since then, Dallas has gone on to post a 60-43-2 record in the series. Dallas has won the last 3 meetings between the teams, including the first meeting this season. Here are some stats for this season...

Tony Romo - 185 of 269 passing, 68.8% complete, 2,244 yards, 18 TD's, 6 INT's, 107.2 QB Rating
Eli Manning - 224 of 366 passing, 61.2% complete, 2,495 yards, 18 TD's, 11 INT's, 85.4 QB Rating

DeMarco Murray - 244 carries, 1,233 yards, 5.1 ypc, 7 TD's
Rashad Jennings - 109 carries, 455 yards, 4.2 ypc, 2 TD's

Dez Bryant - 56 catches, 793 yards, 14.2 ypc, 8 TD's
Rueben Randle - 50 catches, 521 yards, 10.4 ypc, 2 TD's

Dallas - 6th in yards per game (387.5), 6th in points per game (26.1)
Giants - 19th in yards oer game (342.1), 21st in points per game (20.5)

Dallas - 15th in yards per game (348.8), 10th in points per game (21.2)
Giants - 31st in yards per game (397.7), 26th in points per game (26.3)

Its funny or maybe not, but why do I feel like I've been here before just to come away disappointed.

I look at the team Garrett has built, and I know they should cream the Giants. I guess 17 years of disappoints has changed me.

I'm some what bummed out at all the negativity that's all over the internet.

I know during all those 8-8 seasons I got excited by every game. I kept my hope alive, only to see the same thing play out all those seasons.

I'm sure we beat the Giants, doesn't mean diddly if he can't beat the Eagles on Thurs. What it really amounts to is 10-6 could be no better than 8-8 when its over.

As its been discussed here, Bryant talking about his contract on the media is not good. Who knows if its true (I believe it is) some writers are already talking about this being discussed by players in the locker room.

Hey what the hell lets not worry about games anymore lets just worry about contracts!

Carter was quoted yesterday, he said "we have talked about it, we all know we could be gone next year" he was referring to himself Murray, and Harris.

But he added, we also have decided to let that pass and just concentrate on winning the games.

This Giants game is really a good look at what is to come. If the playoffs started tomorrow this would be are starting team. I don't think when the season ends all will still be healthy. But this game right now is a great measuring stick as to where we really are.

We have all endured the agony of defeat for a long time. Its very understandable that we are gun shy at the least.

We have a number of things going good for us, and that's a big change. Cowboys are the only NFL team undefeated on the road. The Giants are plain terrible, but Eli always does well against us. We get lowly Sanchez on T-day, come on man if we can't beat them playoffs would be a waste of time.

After watching every NFL team including the Cowboys crap their pants in games they should have won, who knows?

But one big thing I see in our favor, 20 guys are playing for new contracts next year. That's called motivation BABY!

One last thing, we beat the Giants

Cowboys QB Tony Romo not concerned with playing two games in span of five days
David Moore

...Yet once the clock starts Sunday night against the New York football Giants, as head coach Jason Garrett likes to say, the quarterback will play two games in a span of five days and three games in 12 days.

Will he alter his practice routine during this stretch to stay fresh?

“I don’t think I’m going to do anything,’’ said Romo, who concentrated on his core work instead of practicing with the team as he’s done on every Wednesday since Sept. 17. “It’s really about this week and getting ready for the Giants.

“Once that game is over, I’ll set up a different plan and talk to trainers and coaches and we’ll go from there. But this week it’s not about thinking about next week at all. You’ve got to get yourself ready to play in this one game and against the Giants.

“This is a very important game, a big game for us.’’

Romo said the bye week came at a good time for him. He’s now three weeks removed from suffering a pair of transverse process fractures in his back. He said that injury is improving and he hopes “it will be a non-factor here shortly.’’

Apprehensive is too strong a word. But does he wonder how his back will hold up to playing two games in five days?

“I think we’ll address that next week,’’ Romo said. “Right now, I have a full week plus the bye from last week to be able to get myself ready and that was big.

“I think after the game against New York, we’ll reassess everything, but that’s not on my mind right now.’’
El Kabong

I see the Cowboys winning this one, will be interesting to see if the Giants give up at some point during the game.

Cowboys escaped the London curse. The Cowboys accomplished something no other team has in the history of the game.

What did they do?

1) First team to play in London and...
2) Win the game and...
3) Have a bye week and...
4) Be the favorite against a division foe...and
5) Win the game!

No other team has done this.

BevoMav wrote:
Cowboys escaped the London curse. The Cowboys accomplished something no other team has in the history of the game.

What did they do?

1) First team to play in London and...
2) Win the game and...
3) Have a bye week and...
4) Be the favorite against a division foe...and
5) Win the game!

No other team has done this.

And, I'll take it  cheers

Its good, not one of our finest moments but nobody will remember, the W is what's important.

I really long to see a 9 Turkey day.

Odell Beckham: I hope it’s not my greatest catch of all time

Posted by Josh Alper on November 24, 2014, 5:48 AM EST

The Cowboys won the game on Sunday night and the Giants’ long-dormant hopes of doing anything meaningful this season were officially and mercifully euthanized with the loss, but those things will recede from memory over the years.

You won’t remember all those details when you catch a replay of Odell Beckham’s one-handed touchdown catch in five years or when you’re pulling it up on the web to show your grandkid one of the most remarkable individual efforts in football history. Beckham hopes it isn’t the only one that you wind up remembering.

“I hope it’s not the greatest catch of all time,” Beckham said, via “I hope I can make more.”

Beckham left plenty of people impressed. His coach Tom Coughlin said that the rookie has “a gift” and safety Antrel Rolle marveled at the athletic ability that Beckham has displayed in his brief NFL career.

“For him, it’s just another day in the park,” Rolle said. “For us, it’s, ‘Wow.’”

The Cowboys were victimized by the catch, but just as blown away by its brilliance. Safety Barry Church called it, via the New York Post, “just ridiculous,” Jerry Jones went with “man among boys” and Dez Bryant referred to his fellow wideout with the term “monster” that plenty have used to describe Bryant over the years. LeBron James, Richard Sherman and others weighed in with similar takes on Beckham’s feat.

The Giants season has mostly been a disaster and they lost on Sunday night, of course, but Beckham’s arrival means that 2014 hasn’t been a total washout for the team. Now they just need to get to work on making sure that his future highlight real entries don’t come with the need to forget the outcome of the games.

On M-Irvins show this morning they showed filmof him practicing that catch before the game. He made the catch over and over, proves practice is the way to go alien

Sorry this catch was made years ago

By the way great win, that's the real story  occasion5

When Beckham was at LSU the head coach, Les Miles, had to make him stop taking one handed catches. If you go to You Tube and do a search you will find many one handed catches. The guy just has a knack for doing it.

What I really like is when the Cowboys started playing different coverages on him, they pretty much shut him down.

I asked someone who was freaking out over his catch if the TD catch Witten made counted for the same amount of points? I was called a hater.

Hey it is the Giants and I have a firm sports hatred for them.

Fuk the Giants and their candy *** ways, now lets put the smack down on Sanchez!

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