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Ed Wood

ESPN..Power Rankings Week 8

I think they pretty much got this one right. Cowboys #9 seems about right..

2009 Power Rankings: Week 8
1 (1) Colts 6-0-0 Can the 49ers and Frank Gore provide more of a challenge than recent opponents? (Kuharsky)  
2 (2) Saints 6-0-0 The Saints have shown they can win games several ways. That makes them tough to beat. (Sando)  
3 (4) Broncos 6-0-0 Coming off a bye, the Broncos have had plenty of time to prepare for trip to Baltimore. (Kuharsky)  
4 (3) Vikings 6-1-0 Brett Favre threw 51 passes against Pittsburgh. That's way too many attempts for a team with Adrian Peterson. (Chadiha)  
5 (6) Patriots 5-2-0 The Titans and Bucs gave the Patriots two nice exhibition games before the bye week. (Clayton)  
6 (9) Bengals 5-2-0 Why aren't people saying more about Cedric Benson's season? (Chadiha)  
7 (8) Steelers 5-2-0 Four straight victories prove they are back on track. (Chadiha)  
8 (5) Giants 5-2-0 The loss of safety Kenny Phillips had a much bigger effect on the Giants' secondary than many want to admit. (Clayton)
9 (19) Cowboys 4-2-0 DeMarcus Ware is the Cowboys' $78 million man, and Miles Austin is playing like a $78 million man. (Clayton)  
10 (16) Cardinals 4-2-0 The victory over the Giants on Sunday gave Arizona a good chance to finish with a winning record on the road. (Sando)  
11 (7) Falcons 4-2-0 Will the Falcons ever get Michael Turner on track this season? They need more from him. (Sando)  
12 (12) Eagles 4-2-0 In Oakland, the Eagles giveth. In Washington, they taketh away. (Clayton)  
13 (13) Packers 4-2-0 The best news of the season: The Packers went an entire game without allowing a sack. (Chadiha)
14 (11) Ravens 3-3-0 The Week 7 bye came at a perfect time for a team that needs to regain its momentum. (Chadiha)  
15 (18) Jets 4-3-0 Mark Sanchez showed great hot-dog security in not fumbling the dog he ate in the second half of the win over the Raiders on Sunday. (Clayton)  
16 (14) Chargers 3-3-0 Perhaps a beatdown of one of the league's weaklings will spark a bit of a revival. (Kuharsky)  
17 (17) Texans 4-3-0 If the Texans beat host Buffalo, they'll have a 5-3 record for the first time ever. (Kuharsky)  
18 (10) Bears 3-3-0 The Bears are 1-3 on the road this season. That doesn't bode well for their future. (Chadiha)
19 (20) Dolphins 2-4-0 Poor secondary play has the Dolphins' season in the Miami vise. (Clayton)  
20 (15) 49ers 3-3-0 Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree renew interest in the 49ers as they try to revive the offense. (Sando)  
21 (21) Jaguars 3-3-0 The newest challenge for a young, learning team: handling a rematch against a squad (Tennessee) it's already beaten. (Kuharsky)  
22 (24) Bills 3-4-0 Between the Jets and Panthers giving away games, Dick Jauron must feel as though Christmas came early for the Bills. (Clayton)
23 (23) Seahawks 2-4-0 How much fight do the Seahawks have in them? They'll need more to overcome injuries. (Sando)  
24 (22) Panthers 2-4-0 Even if the Panthers bench Jake Delhomme, they're paying starter money for him. (Sando)  
25 (27) Redskins 2-5-0 Apparently, Sherman Lewis added a new call to the Redskins' playbook: fumble. (Clayton)
26 (26) Lions 1-5-0 The Lions can thank the schedule-makers. They come off a bye to face the winless Rams. (Chadiha)
27 (25) Raiders 2-5-0 Could Oakland have followed up a surprise win over Philly with a worse showing against the Jets? (Kuharsky)
28 (28) Chiefs 1-6-0 A time to rest and possibly regroup for the one-win Chiefs. (Kuharsky)  
29 (30) Titans 0-6-0 Tennessee's coach has promised lineup/ playing-time changes, but he also declined to say whether they're major ones. (Kuharsky)  
30 (29) Browns 1-6-0 They gained 139 total yards in the loss to Green Bay on Sunday and gave up 460. Enough said. (Chadiha)  
31 (31) Buccaneers 0-7-0 With nine games left, is it too soon to hand over the offense to rookie Josh Freeman? (Sando)  
32 (32) Rams 0-7-0 Nothing the Rams do seems to produce the desired results, as Will Witherspoon proved. (Sando)  
The rankings were determined by a poll of four voters on's NFL staff: writers John Clayton (AFC East, NFC East

Its close, actually theres no reason to argue it at this point. 5 more weeks and we'll know whats really happening.

I think the Giants will start to disappear and their fans will be yelling get rid of their Fatass coach.

I think the Saints and the Broncos should be above the Colts.  I'm undecided on which one should be #1.   The Broncos remind me of my Patriots teams from earlier this decade, so I'm a little biased about them, and think they are the better team.  The Saints remind me of the Colts from the same time period... although they do seem to have a better defense, so maybe...  Maybe they are more like the Patiots of '07.... explosive offense, with a pretty good defense to boot.  They have both had a tougher schedule to get where they are at.  So far the Colts have had a cup cake schedule.  I know it doesn't mean they are a bad team, but it should make the difference in these rankings.

JMO, of course...


Ya know Max, Denver and the Saints have been a lot like our Cowboys, strong at the start but fade in the stretch run.

I guess what it really all boils down to, is what teams can stay healthy.

Plus Max you had a Freudian slip, you said your old team was Denver. Now if my memory serves me right... They used to be known as Dallas Cowboys North....Since so may ex-Cowboys ended up there. Just a thought

I didn't say that...  I said the Broncos remind me of the Patriots team from earlier this decade, which is why I am  a little biased toward them as the better of the two teams; the Saints, and the Broncos.

But I like the way Josh McDaniels is handling things down there.  I have never been a Denver fan, but I think because Josh McDaniels is in charge of things in that organization,  I could find myself rooting for Denver... except when they play my Pats, of course.

Ed Wood

Quitesanemax..I agree..

Colts at Number 1, I say BS.

Denver has beaten Dallas, New England and San Diego. The Saints have destroyed the Giants and the Eagles.

The Colts big win is Arizona...

Denver 1
Sanits 2
Colts 3

Throw out just half of the mistakes we have made, and Cowboys would be undefeated. Sorry thats the way I see it. I know its part of the overall picture, but really facts are facts.

But going by wins and losses, the Colts arn't number one. NE is the only team I wouldn't want to see the Cowboys play right now. But I can't wait for the Saints game, I think we match up with them very well. Actually I don't think they come close to matching up with us. A good running game, and the Saints can be stopped. Ball control, and the clock runs out on them.

A good running game....   Doesn't Miami have one of the best running games in the league right now?  Didn't work.  But to be fair, it was the coaching staff that lost it for Miami.  That being said, the Saints just played horribly in the first half... I wouldn't expect that out of them all the time.

Mistakes are part of the game, though.

What has NE done this season that makes you fear them more than the Saints?   I mean, I think they are a great team too, but I'm slightly biased there.  As far as how each of the teams have realistically done, I  think the Saints have been the better team so far this season.


The Cowboys secondary as been suspect, and if the Brady blockers were haveing a good day we all know what Brady can do.

Now everybody wants to anoint Brees, you put pressure on this guy he folds, thats an old story, But Brady has never shown that quality, Now maybe since the knee injury that has changed. All I ever see of NE is highlight what the hell do I know?

I don't consider Miami a good running team, they are a team using a gimick, it doesn't work full time. Eventually they will have to get back to playing real football.

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