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Eagles cut Danny Amendola

He was a gamer. Missied the team by this much. He blew a TD against the Jets. The eagles have greatly improved at the wr position so he had an uphill battle. Hope he gets to play for some team somewhere.


I'll respect what you said (about WRers) even though I don't believe it. Glad VIC didn't make the starting 53? He sucks

Now send Bevo a box of Klenix...poor poor Danny

How the hell ya never answered my last e-mail


I guess you forgot to mention Danny must have sucked...because the Eagles kept a S  tload of recievers lmao...Yeah I know a West Coast Offense needs alot of recievers....really what does that say about Westbrook?

Posted: September 5th, 2009 | Jason La Canfora

A while back I explained that a team that signed Michael Vick would have multiple roster options for him. The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to use the roster exemption with Vick, and carry 54 players the first two weeks of the season.

They did not want to give away a quality player of some value, and thus opted to keep 3 QBs on the active roster (Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and A.J. Feeley). They also kept 7 WRs, rather than cut one of them. Feeley, and a WR like Reggie Brown could still be dealt, and as other teams suffer injuries that will increase the value of those players.

Here is what the full roster decision on Vick means, as I cut and paste from my blog from a month or so ago:

“If Vick’s team opts to have him not practice, then he would not count against the 53-man roster but instead would be on an “exempt list.” That would make him ineligible to practice, but he could watch film, attend practice, participate in meetings, do weight training and and put in individual work. But, again, he couldn’t take part in the actual practice itself.

If Vick’s team opts to make him ineligible, at the time he becomes eligible to participate in regular-season games, the team would receive an “applicable roster exemption.” That means that leading up to Vick’s first regular-season game, the team would have a buffer of some period of time – not yet distinguished — by which to determine when to make him active and thus count against the 53-man roster (which would prompt a roster move with another player). Those exemptions also are in place when a player comes back from suspension. For instance (and Vick no longer is a suspended player — let’s make that clear), the team generally has a week or two to make such a decision. Again, this memo doesn’t stipulate an exact time frame in this instance, according  to those who have read it.

Furthermore, during the regular-season and preseason games in which Vick is ineligible to play, he cannot be on the sidelines, but he can watch the game from a coaching box or club box, etc.”

So there you have it guys.

I'll get the hang of this. I meant for my response to be public, not a private message. Oh well.

Gist of my response, eagles o good eagles d bad. Amendola gamer.

good to see you back paro..

dinggle berried sham about D Amendola....maybe he can get picked up by New Egland,and get some lessons from wes

on a serious note..what do you really expect from the eagles this year??

Good Day Paroadie.

Danny Who....? lmao

Danny was signed to the practice squad so he is still an eagle. The Eagles, tough luck team. They lost Steward Bradely MLB. He is the lynch pin of the defense and excellent against the run. Omar Gaither took his spot. The birds will be susceptable against the run.  They have improved in the secondary at least on paper but the loss of Dawkins's leadership will reveal itself unless someon steps up. Bradely was the leader to.

On offense the eagles have greatly improved. That said injuries kept the o line from practicing together so I look to a slow start. Seems the eagles always staert slow. Leonard Weaver is a legitimate fb who can do it all . McCoy was a great pickup who has lite up the defense, Westbrook is healthy so  watch out. The wr's have improved with desean in his second year and a healthy curtis. Macklin can catch and run but is a rookie. I see some flaws in his game so his impact won't show itself until the second half of the season. Weaknesses definetly the TE position. Just two TE's with engram injured. Thre o line, may be great but it will take some time to gel with the unknowns with Petesrs and Shawn Andrews back. They are pretty deep at the o line positions. The death of Jim Johnson is one of those intabngibles that add to the questions on this team.

I think overall the birds have improved, at least on paper. I have no idea why they got vick. McNabb, well he will have to step up and be that consistant player. Having bad games isn't acceptable anymore. There are a few unknowns, coaching is one of them. Reid may be staying to long. If he sticks to the pass first run maybe philosophy its gonna be a long season. If he balances the attack we will be ok. The defense will require reid to pay attention, something he didn't do with coach johnson.

Hard to predict where they will wind up. my guess is 10 and 6 with the winner of the last game going to the playoffs.... Here it comes.... hold on ....get ready....thank God it's against the They may win more if the o line plays like they can and the injury bug doesn't hit them. They have the biggest O line in football and some really good athletic players. Leonard Weaver and a healthy westbrook will set the league on fire.


Good info Paro...I can only say I watched them in preseason, and I know thats not a good measuring stick. But they looked horrible, not as bad as the Skins but they did look pretty bad.

As for Westbrook if he does anything like what he has done in the past, then he will be the first RB to do so after  haveing  knee surgery.

I'm glad you are finding some time to post, do me a favor, tell Bevo in chatzy that I have sent him an e-mail and he has at least 3 PMs at the realm he hasn't answered.

Okay my honest opinion on the Eagles.

I believe they will be 10 an 6 if Westbrook can play the entire season and as well D McNabb does as well. If they should do better and go no where in the playoffs,only one persons head should roll.

Andy Reid's..Why,

                         Because he has done nothing with McNabb. He should have built the team around him from the start offensively. The D has been solid for years and like most good D's that have been hung out to dry just got tired late in the game and late in the season.

Good Day

I don't know the filly's do look good right now , more so than the giants who had a time scoring TDs against us, we  on the other hand need revenge on that 44-6 stomping we took  sorry paro but we got to beat  them filly's

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