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Do we want Josh Brent Back?

INDIANAPOLIS — Josh Brent is in the process of serving a 180-day jail sentence after being convicted of intoxication manslaughter for his role in the 2012 drunken-driving accident that killed Cowboys practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown Jr.

But would the Cowboys be open to bringing back the nose tackle?

“I’ll weigh in on that when the time comes,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Tuesday. “He’s retired and he has got a lot of work ahead of him. But obviously we hope he does all of the right things. And if he does, at some point, and he feels like he has got his priorities in the right order and he wants to play football, then, we’ll discuss that.”

Brent, who walked away from his NFL career in July 2013 with his trial looming, would have to apply for reinstatement with the league. Any request has to be reviewed and approved by the NFL. If he were allowed to return to pro football, he could still be suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for his conviction under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Beyond that, there is also an issue of how Brent currently fits in the Cowboys’ current defensive scheme. Brent, who was listed at 6-2, 320 pounds when he was on the active roster, fits the profile of a traditional 3-4 nose tackle who takes up space. But the Cowboys now run a 4-3 scheme and are seeking active pass rushers at the inside positions on the defensive line.

After he was picked in the seventh round of the supplemental draft in 2010, Brent made only 44 tackles and 1.5 sacks in 39 games with the Cowboys. The output wasn’t impressive, but it seems the team open to the idea of giving Brent one more chance if he shows he is worthy of one.

This whole thing is a sad situation, but the Cowboys need to walk away from this, and let it go away.

The dude had to go through the guilt and heartbreak of being responsible for killing his best friend.
Not only that, but he had to go through an intense process of public scrutiny and humiliation that comes with being a Dallas Cowboy.
Plus he went to jail and paid a substantial fine.

If the management deems that he has learned his lesson and is genuinely sorry, then heck yea, bring him back.

We need all the DL help we can get.

He retired from football and will have to go through the business with the Comish to get reinstated.

My guess is the Comish will let him back in football but suspend him for a year. Don't think we'll be seeing Brent anytime soon.

I have serious doubts he'll ever play for the Cowboys again. dontknow

Hell no, we have enough problems on this team

No way Jose

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