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okay I know we are playing the chargers next week....but I call that a win.

After watching Denver last night, I see they't wait until our defense gets after that old man QB they have...........

Well I'll wait till after the Chargers game, we still need to provr we can starting winning back to back games.

If and I say if we are 3-1 going against Denver, and we won't be sucking that mile high air. I like are chances, will say more after this weekends game.

Dude I said kiss my ***...but I didn't really mean it...."I have to stop saying those things"


After Denver's beat down of Philly yesterday, I would say that Denver is untouchable at home.  They appear to be the best team in football right now and i simply would not want to play them.  Good luck with those predictions.  

The one hope the rest of the NFL may have is that Peyton does not play well in the post season.  Even the the one Superbowl he won in Indy was despite his play, not because of it.

Cowboys are at home for the Denver game....maybe that will help!

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