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Denver and Giants

Can you say      0-2   for the Giants lol

Watched the Eagles and Skins last night, was impressed with the Eagles early on. But they came back to earth later and looked out of gas.

I really think RGIII sucks as a pocket passer and the Eagle gimmicky offense will be over with when Vick gets hurt.

Cowboys just come straight at you from both sides of the ball. I think that's the right way to play football, none of the gimmick ****.

Funny how RGIII, Wilson and Kappernick get all the publicity but the guy is Andrew Luck..All he does is win..

As for RGIII...I really believe he is the most over-hyped player in the NFL. He did all his damage when the Eagles went up by over three touchdowns..When it counted, he was crap, like always...

Vick won't last long. Over undr on him being injured is 8 games..Over under on RGIII I put at four games..

I was watching the SF game I was somewhat amazed at how skinny Kapernacks  legs were. But he seems to have a better o-line than Vick and RGIII. But I have to admire how GB kept coming after his *** all game long.

That dumbass Oregon coach can suit up 100 players like in College, he's wearing his guys down. Wait till they play the Giants and they start their fake flops all over the field. Now that will be funny alien

I think the Giants might just get after old man Manning.

Plus the Giants O-line might give Eli time to pick apart Denver. I see this as being a close game, could go either way.

Well if the Giants go ahead and lose, like eagles and wash., I can still salvage my day clown

I'm sitting here rooting against the Giants right now.


Ha Ha Giants look horrible, and did I mention, the Eagles and Skins suck too.

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