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Demarco Murray

Today he'll break a 56 year old record, sorry Jim Brown but it is the Cowboys!

Congrats to Murray, here's hoping fore 100 yrds  every game by him.

Amazing breaks a 56 yr record and just adds it to all the other thing the Cowboys have done through their history.

Congrats to Murray hello1

Glad to see Murray getting some accolades. But I'm sure this is the only time he'll be compared to Jim Brown.

The real record is 14 100 yard games by Sanders in a season. I hope we are all talking about Murray if he comes close to that.

Okay come back and jump on me later, but Demarco is already wearing down. The guys a beast and fearless, but he can't take the pounding he's getting for 9 more games.

If we are going to make a playoff run, they need to start getting this guy some rest.

Most Games, 100 or More Yards Rushing, Season
14 Barry Sanders, Detroit, 1997

12 Eric Dickerson, L.A. Rams, 1984
Barry Foster, Pittsburgh, 1992
Jamal Anderson, Atlanta, 1998
Jamal Lewis, Baltimore, 2003

11 O.J. Simpson, Buffalo, 1973
Earl Campbell, Houston, 1979
Marcus Allen, L.A. Raiders, 1985
Eric Dickerson, L.A. Rams, 1986
Emmitt Smith, Dallas, 1995
Terrell Davis, Denver, 1998
Shaun Alexander, Seattle, 2005
Larry Johnson, Kansas City, 2006

Most Consecutive Games, 100 or More Yards Rushing
14 Barry Sanders, Detroit, 1997

11 Marcus Allen, L.A. Raiders, 1985-86

9 Walter Payton, Chicago, 1985
Fred Taylor, Jacksonville, 2000
Deuce McAllister, New Orleans, 2003
Larry Johnson, Kansas City, 2005
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego, 2006

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