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Danny White as Head Coach

Somebody needs to hire this guy

Drafted by Dallas in 1974, you spent two years in the World Football League before joining the Cowboys, and then spent four seasons playing behind Roger Staubach. Was it difficult being in his shadow?

"Well, the first couple weren't, but by the time I had been backing him up for four years, it was getting difficult. I had a meeting with Coach Landry and told him that I was to the point where I felt like I needed to play. I was six years out of college and if I wasn't going to be playing there soon I wanted him to consider trading me to another team. I loved being with the Cowboys, so I had mixed feelings about it. But I knew that my time was running out."

Granted, you played in so many games over 13 seasons, but what's one of your fondest memories from your Cowboy days?

"I would have to say the highlight of my career was just being a Dallas Cowboy. Being a part of that era and playing for Tom Landry. Things like that you don't appreciate until many years later. I look back on that now and realize how lucky I was to play for that team and that coach at that time."

Speaking of coach Landry, you had so much success as a head coach in the Arena Football League, what did you learn from him that you found yourself using?

"How to treat others like pros. How to teach others to be pros. What it means to be a professional. Coach Landry taught me more about being a professional, about keeping your priorities straight, than anybody. It wasn't all about football, it was about life. Being a better husband, a better father, and a better member of the community. He was more than just a football coach to all of us."

You later moved into the front office of the Rattlers as president. Did you enjoy that aspect of running a team?

"Being in the front office, it was a new experience for me. As a head coach, I had a lot more direct contact with the players and a lot more opportunity to develop them not just as football players, but as men. I loved that part of it. In the front office, it's not so much about that, it's about doing all the things that have to be done behind the scenes to give them that opportunity to play the game.

"And I had no idea! I never dreamed that there was so much to do: sponsorship, marketing, season tickets. Exposure, especially at the AFL level in a market where there is so much competition, there's a huge battle for the sports entertainment dollar. I was being trained in the desert literally and figuratively in terms of that."

You were recently hired to serve as an analyst for the Cowboys syndicated radio broadcasts in 2011, but do you have any thoughts about coaching or working in the front office of an NFL team?

"That's something I would love the opportunity to do. But one thing I have learned is you've got to be surrounded by likeminded people in order to be happy and in order to be successful. So to just take a front office job or a coaching job just because it's in the NFL would probably be a mistake. I would be very careful as to who I was working for and where I was.

"Other things in my life are important to me. Family is important to me. My faith is important to me. I know football and I learned teamwork and leadership from the best, so I think I'd be very good at it. Our children are all on their own now so this would be the time."

I thought for a moment that JJ would have hired him. I would rather see him a Cowboy coach at some point. I do know he is successful ... he did do well in the minor league of a couple of football venues,did he not.

A play here and a play there and he could a possible been the first Three Time Super Bowl QB .... Jmho.  Ex ... look at the san Fran game. Anotheer half step and PP is to the house,or if they would have thrown the flag for him being held.

Good qb ... deserves more credit for what he did rather than lossing three straight.

Should be in the hall of fame one day , yet i doubt it for obviouse reasons.

Good Day Hawk

White is in the Arena Hall of Fame...Some bottom dwelling team should hire him. He would be a great NFL Coach.

Don't get me started on the 3 losses in the NFC Championship games, because White was one of a few who did their jobs in those games.

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